Power Weeding: A Fast And Easy Way to Spin Your Weeds Away

A gardener uses a weedwhacker
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There are few chores more arduous in the garden than weeding. The little buggers keep coming back about as fast as you can rip them out by the root. And, of course, digging them out by the root never seems to be enough; they always find a way back into your beds. But there's a new weed removal tool in the war against weeds that every home gardener who wants an easier way to eliminate these pests needs to check out - the Weed Spinner.

Weeding with Power Tools

Everyone enjoys wielding a power tool, and they aren't just for carpenters and handymen. Gardeners can get in on this too, using a cordless drill to spin their weeds away. The spinning motion of the drill, along with the attached tool, gets under the weed, down to the root, and lifts the entire thing out of the ground. You simply attach the Weed Spinner to a cordless drill (the best type to use with this weed removal tool is a standard 3/8 inch variable speed drill) and spin the weeds out of the ground.

Give Your Back a Break with the Weed Spinner

The inventor of the Weed Spinner, Vern Ader, is 88 years old. He wanted to create a device that anyone could use to easily and safely weed in the garden. The 30-inch (76 cm.) weed removal tool is long enough that you don't even have to bend over or squat down to use it. Just insert the tool in the center of the weed and use the drill trigger to pull it up with the root. One of the best things about the Weed Spinner (also known as Greener-De-Weeder) is that it saves your back, your knees, and whatever other part of your body aches after a day spent pulling weeds out by hand.

Avoid Herbicides

While the comfort of using the Weed Spinner is a major reason gardeners are trying it out, another benefit is avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Gardeners generally don't want to turn to chemicals to get rid of weeds, but if you can't physically do the work yourself, what other weed control choice do you have? Now you have a better option. Just "spin" those weeds away. The Weed Spinner weed removal tool spins out weeds in one whirling motion. Almost anyone can use it without any aches or pains, and can avoid using herbicides to eliminate weeds from the garden or yard. The Weed Spinner is a great tool for taking care of the problem of weeds, but it is also multi-functional. Use it to dig holes for bulbs and transplants; use it on any surface, including turf, beds, and walkways; get dandelions out of your yard for good; and remove tricky weeds, like thistles. Removing weeds can be a big hassle, and a chore that seems like it will never end. But with this drill driven lawn and garden tool, the chore is faster, less painful, and maybe even a little bit fun. Weed Spinner takes the work out of weeding so you can enjoy your garden even more!

Mary Ellen Ellis

Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.