The primary cause of concern with chipmunks is the damage they do to entire patches of vegetation. Chipmunks are classed as a rodent, and all rodent damage occurs over time. These creatures eat everything they come across, plant or animal matter alike, and if you have what they want in your back garden, they're going to come in, and they're going to munch their way through it. The majority of their preferred foods are seed-based. If you have a bird feeder in your garden, the seeds that drop to the floor could very well be what attracts the animal. Fruit and various roots or bulbs are also on the menu, many of which you probably have growing in your garden. If the chipmunk eats the roots of a plant, the plant won't grow. Your planting methods will have been for nothing. Well, not entirely for nothing. The chipmunk did get a good meal out of it, at least. Of course, being a burrowing animal, they will leave holes and tunnels in your garden which can lead to structural problems if they burrow beneath a home or building. Your land could become unstable, and if you have other animals on that land, such as livestock or pets, it wouldn't take much for them to get injured if they were to fall through a hole that was caused by these digging creatures. Not only do they dig and burrow, chipmunks also chew. As we've discussed, they'll chew through bulbs and roots of plants, but they don't stop there. They will chew everything and anything they come across, given a chance, and this can have a very bad effect on electrical cables underground and more. For such a small animal, the humble chipmunk can cause heaps of damage, all of which you will be liable to pay for in most instances. It also usually comes with pretty obvious tell-tale signs that you should have seen. If you didn't see the signs, it's because you weren't inspecting your property. It is YOUR responsibility to keep your land and buildings safe and protected from wild animals. That's how the insurance companies will see it when you try to claim for the damage caused by them, which is why we recommend hiring a professional wildlife removal company to come to your house, inspect your house, property, and garden and humanely remove the animals.