Information About Xeriscape Gardens

Perhaps you are new to xeriscape garden design or need help with choosing plants for xeriscape gardens. Either way you’ve come to the right place. Our xeriscape gardening info is packed with tips and information for designing and maintaining xeriscape landscapes. Learn how to design xeriscape gardens and which plants work well in them. There are many xeriscape garden design options available to the home gardener that will fit nearly any landscape setting. So keep reading to learn more.

Best Vines For Hot Gardens: Tips On Growing Drought Tolerant Vines

If you are a gardener living in a hot, arid climate, I’m sure you have researched and/or tried a number of drought tolerant plant varieties. There are many drought resistant vines suited for dry gardens. This article has some vines for hot gardens.

Desert Winter Garden: Tips For Winter Gardening In Desert Regions

There are numerous plants for winter desert gardens. Caring for desert plants that are in ground for year-round landscaping takes some special maintenance and attention. Learn more here.

Xeriscape Flowers: Drought Tolerant Flowers For The Garden

Just because you garden in an area that has little rainfall does not mean that you are restricted to growing limited plants. You can use xeriscape flowers from this article in your garden.

Xeriscape Shade Plants – Plants For Dry Shade

When creating a garden, sometimes you don't have enough sunny space, but you may be surprised to discover the variety of xeriscape shade plants that are available. Read here to learn more.

Xeriscape Landscape Design Ideas For Clay Soil

When creating a drought tolerant garden, one of the more difficult soil types to come up with xeriscaping ideas for is clay soil. But with a little knowledge from this article, that can be overcome.

Xeriscaping Tips For Container Gardens

If you're looking for a great way to conserve water in the garden, then xeriscaping with containers may be the answer you've been looking for. This article will help get you started.

Xeriscaping Ideas For A More Water-Efficient Garden

Xeriscape gardening is a good way to cut down on water usage while still having a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape. Read this article for tips on creating a water-efficient garden.

Xeriscape Solutions For Common Landscape Problems

There are plenty of problems that can tarnish the beauty of your yard, and almost every landscape has at least one. So what is the best solution to handling them? Read this article to find out.

Xeriscape Principles: Tips For Water-Wise Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the process of choosing plants which are compatible with the water conditions of a given area. Use this article to learn more about applying xeriscape principles to the landscape.

Xeriscape Design Ideas

The xeriscape planning and design process should not only organize landscape ideas but also identify the specific needs of the plants the gardener wants to use. This article will help.

The Truth About Xeriscaping: Common Misconceptions Exposed

Generally, when people say xeriscaping, the image of stones and arid environments comes to mind. There are numerous myths associated with xeriscaping. Learn what they are here.

The Gravel Myth Of Xeriscaping

When someone first discovers the idea of xericaping, they think there should be a vast amount of gravel incorporated into it. This is just not true. Learn more about this myth in the following article.

Irrigation Systems For Xeriscape Environments

Unfortunately, much of the water dispersed through sprinklers and hoses evaporates before it ever reaches its intended source. This article will help with using more worthwhile irrigation systems.

Integrating Vegetables And Herbs Into The Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscaping is the process of choosing plants which are compatible with the water conditions of a given area. Many herbs and veggies are suited for a xeriscape design. Learn about them here.

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Nearly Any Landscape

Plants that naturally survive in your area are the ones best adapted to your soil, climate and rainfall. Drought-tolerant plants are good examples, and this article provides more information.

Drought-Tolerant Gardening: The Cheaper Landscape Alternative

Do you want to protect your lawn and garden from the threat of drought? Then you should consider implementing drought-tolerant gardening practices. This article will help.

What Is Xeriscaping: A Beginner’s Lesson In Xeriscaped Landscapes

Bright green, water intensive gardens are fine for many gardeners but what if you live in a climate that sees very little in the way of rainfall? Xeriscaping may be the answer. Learn more here.