Some of our strongest memories are directly tied to scent. From the rich smell of freshly worked soil to sweet honeysuckle blossoms, the same is also true in connection to the garden. Many of my own garden memories are directly linked to the scent of specific varieties of plants that I have grown. One variety of daffodil, called “Geranium,” is especially meaningful, as it always serves to mark the official start of spring in my backyard.

Fragrant Daffodils to Signal The Arrival of Spring

I first obtained a small handful of Geranium daffodil bulbs, by chance, during a sale at my local garden center. At more than a 50% discount, my expectations for the bulbs were quite low. Still, I was eager to plant daffodils in my backyard for the first time ever. I soon began to research the variety online and admired the photos I was able to find that had been taken by various garden bloggers.

As their namesake would imply, Geranium daffodils are noted to have an unmatched fragrance. Though I was already quite familiar with daffodils, I had never encountered any fragrant varieties. My expectations in terms of scent were very low. When spring finally arrived, I was more than surprised to find that the Geranium daffodils had far exceeded my presuppositions.

Growing Geranium Daffodils

Unlike their more traditional counterparts, Geranium daffodils produce 2-6 smaller flowers on each stem. Each bloom features pristine white outer petals and a shallow orange cup. Though beautiful in their own right, the true magic of Geranium begins once the flowers begin to open.

On the first official day of spring, I stepped into my garden and was immediately immersed in a delightful cloud of fragrance. Naturally, I began to search for its source. As I came closer to my small daffodil bed, the scent became stronger and stronger. Though difficult to put into words, the heady aroma of Geranium daffodils is simply unmatched in the spring garden.

Though this variety is certainly not the most showy daffodil available, it will always have a much loved home in my spring flower beds.

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has trasformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel