Suncrisp Apple Info – Learn How To Grow Suncrisp Apples

One of the most delicious apple varieties is Suncrisp. What is a Suncrisp apple? According to Suncrisp apple info, this pretty blushed apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and Cox Orange Pippin. The fruit has an especially long cold storage life, allowing you to enjoy fresh picked flavor up to five months after harvest. Orchard and home gardeners should be very satisfied by growing Suncrisp apple trees.

What is a Suncrisp Apple?

With skin that mimics a sunset and crisp creamy flesh, Suncrisp apples are one of the truly great introductions. Early Suncrisp apple tree care requires careful grooming to keep an open canopy and develop sturdy branches. These apple trees are very cold hardy and ripen just as other trees are changing color. Learn how to grow Suncrisp apples and you can enjoy autumn cider, pies, and sauce with plenty of fruit left over for snacking well into winter. Suncrisp is a prolific producer and often requires some judicious pruning to prevent heavy loads. While some Suncrisp apple info states it tastes similar to a Macoun, others praise it for its floral notes and sub-acid balance. The fruits are large to medium, conical, and yellowish green tinged with a peachy orange blush. The flesh is crisp, juicy, and holds up well in cooking. Trees are mostly upright and have modest vigor. Harvest time is around October, one to three weeks after Golden Delicious. The flavor of the fruits improves after a short cold storage but are still stellar right off the tree.

How to Grow Suncrisp Apples

This variety is reliably hardy to USDA zones 4 to 8. There are both dwarf and semi-dwarf forms. Suncrisp requires another apple variety as a pollinator such as Fuji or Gala. Select a location with plenty of sun and well-draining, fertile soil when growing Suncrisp apple trees. The site should receive at least six to eight hours of full sun. The soil pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0. Plant bareroot trees when it is cool but there is no danger of frost. Soak the roots in water for up to two hours prior to planting. During this time, dig a hole twice as deep and wide as the spread of the roots. Arrange the roots in the center of the hole so they radiate outward. Make sure any graft is above the soil. Add soil around the roots, compacting it gently. Deeply water in the soil.

Suncrisp Apple Tree Care

Use an organic mulch around the root zone of the tree to keep in moisture and prevent weeds. Fertilize the apple trees in spring with a balanced food. Once trees start to bear, they need a higher nitrogen feed. Prune apples annually when plants are dormant to keep an open vase-like shape, remove dead or diseased wood and develop sturdy scaffold branches. Water in the growing season, deeply once every seven to ten days. To keep water at the root zone, make a little barrier or berm around the plant with soil. Watch for pests and disease and apply sprays or systemic treatments as needed. Most trees will begin bearing in two to five years. Fruit is ripe when it comes off the tree easily and has a nice peachy blush. Store your harvest in the refrigerator or a cool basement, cellar, or unheated garage.

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