Information About Fig Trees

When it comes to fig tree care, your success depends on providing the most optimal growing conditions possible. We can help with this. Arm yourself with the necessary tools for growing figs and caring for them by using the pages that follow as a guide. With everything from growing conditions to harvesting, pruning and problem solving, you'll find it here.

Fig Tree Maintenance – How To Grow Figs

Many people wonder how to grow figs. These fruit trees are among the easiest of the fruit trees that can be grown. Take a look at when to plant fig tree and how to care for it in this article.

Fig Tree Borer Treatment: Learn How To Manage Fig Borers

Figs are great landscape trees, but they’re not problem-free. One of their worst pests is the fig tree borer, a long-horned beetle that can cause a lot of havoc in almost no time. Learn more about this insect and how to manage it in the garden by clicking this article.

Fig Tree Watering: What Are Water Requirements For Fig Trees

If you’re lucky enough to have one or more fig trees in your landscape, you might be wondering about irrigating fig trees; how much and how often. The following article contains information on the water requirements for fig trees and when to water fig trees.

Common Fig Tree Pests – What To Do About Pests On Fig Trees

Despite their ancient history, they are not without many of the same fig tree insect pests that plague the tree today. The key to fig tree pest control is learning how to identify common fig tree pests. The information in this article should help with that.

Blight Fig Disease – Tips For Treating Pink Blight In Figs

Fig trees add character to the landscape and produce a bounty of tasty fruit. Pink limb blight can ruin the shape of a tree and destroy the crop. Read this article to find out how to detect and treat this destructive disease of figs.

Cold Hardy Fig Varieties: Tips For Growing Winter Hardy Figs

Figs enjoy warmer temps and probably won’t do too well if you live in say, USDA zone 5. Fear not fig lovers living in cool regions; there are some cold hardy fig varieties. Find out what some of these are in this article. Click here now.

Fig Tree Container Planting: Tips For Growing Figs In Pots

If you live in USDA zones 8-10, there’s a fig for you. What if you live north of Zone 7? No worries, consider planting fig trees in pots. Read this article to find out how to care for potted fig trees and other info on container grown figs.

Tough, Dry Figs: Why Your Ripe Figs Are Dry Inside

Fresh picked fig tree fruit that is dry inside is definitely not desirable, however. If you have what appears to be ripe figs, but they are dry inside, what’s going on? Read this article to get more information.

Fig Tree Winter Wrapping: Tips For Wrapping A Fig Tree For Winter

Despite its historical longevity, the fig tree is relatively delicate and, in some climates, may require fig tree winter wrapping to survive the cold season. This article can help with information on when and how to wrap fig trees.

Fig Tree Leaf Drop – Why Do Fig Trees Lose Leaves

Leaf drop can be a normal part of the fig’s life cycle, but sometimes leaf drop on figs is caused by sudden environmental changes or pest problems Read this article to learn more about leaf drop in fig trees.

Fig With Small Fruit: Why Are My Figs Too Small

If you happen to be lucky enough to have a fig tree in your home garden, there is nothing more tragic than small, inedible figs on the tree. What then are some reasons for a fig with small fruit and are there any solutions? Click here to fine out.

Mummified Fig Tree Fruit: What To Do For Dry Fig Fruit On Trees

Fig fruit must ripen on the tree to enhance their high sugar content. If you are having issues with mummified or dried up fig tree fruit, it could be the result of several things. Read this article to learn what those are.

Fig Tree Ants: How To Keep Ants Off Fig Trees

Ants on fig trees can be especially problematic because many types of figs have an opening through which they can readily enter. Learn more about controlling ants in fig trees in this article.

What To Feed Fig Trees: How And When To Fertilize Figs

One thing that makes fig trees so easy to grow is that they rarely need fertilizer. Figs are naturally slow-growing trees, but when fertilizer is needed, this article can help. Click here to learn more.

What Is Fig Mosaic Virus – Tips For Treating Fig Mosaic

Do you have a fig tree? Have you have noticed oddly shaped yellow blotches throughout the otherwise normal green foliage? If so, your tree may have fig mosaic virus. Learn more in this article.

Espalier Of Fig Trees: Can You Espalier A Fig Tree?

If you have the space, a fig tree makes a delicious and attractive addition to any landscape. However, don't fret if your garden is small. Consider creating a fig espalier. Find out more about in this article.

Harvesting And Storing Fresh Figs – When And How To Harvest Figs

Harvesting figs in the right manner and at the right time allows you to get the most from your tree. With the information in this article, you can learn when and how to harvest figs in the garden.

Fig Types: Different Types Of Fig Trees For The Garden

When you consider the number of fig tree varieties available, choosing the right one for your garden is a daunting task. Here are some suggestions to help you make the right choice.

Potted Fig Tree Pruning: When And How To Prune Fig Trees In Containers

Figs belong to the genus Ficus, which is a common group of houseplants. Good potted fig tree care must include knowledge on how to prune fig trees in containers. This article will help.

Fig Tree Care In Winter – Fig Tree Winter Protection And Storage

While it is commonly found in warmer climates, there are methods for fig cold protection that can allow gardeners in cooler climates to keep their figs over the winter. This article explains more.

Fig With Yellow Leaves – Reasons For Yellow Leaves On Fig Trees

Why are my fig leaves turning yellow? If you own a fig tree, yellow leaves will be a concern at some point in its life. Learn why this happens and what can be done in the following article.

Rooting Figs – How To Propagate Fig Trees

If you enjoy figs, you might be wondering how to propagate fig trees as opposed to buying a replacement. Fig propagation is an economical way to continue or increase production. This article explains more.

Fig Fruit Stays Green – Reasons Figs Don’t Ripen

A common question that gardeners with fig trees have is “how long does it take a fig to ripen on the tree?” The answer to this question is not a straight forward answer. Learn why in this article.

Prevent Fig Rust: Stopping Rust On Fig Leaves And Fruit

The fig is relatively carefree. However, under more humid conditions, they may be prone to disease. The most common fig disease, rust, occurs under these conditions. Learn more here.

Why A Fig Tree Is Not Producing Fruit

Fig trees are an excellent fruit tree to grow in your garden. But when your fig tree does not produce figs, it can be frustrating. There are many reasons for a fig tree not fruiting. Learn what they are here.

Fig Tree Pruning – How To Trim A Fig Tree

When it comes to pruning, many gardeners are at a loss as to how to properly trim a fig tree. With a little knowledge, this is an easy task. Read here to learn more about how to prune fig trees.

Fig Tree Problems: Fig Tree Dropping Figs

When fig fruit falls off the tree, it can be frustrating. But knowing why this happens and how to correct the problem will make dealing with dropping figs easier. Learn more in this article.

Problems With Fig Trees: Common Fig Tree Diseases

As rewarding as they are frustrating, figs are commonly troubled by several diseases. Knowing how to recognize fig tree diseases can help keep you one step ahead. Read here to learn more.