Information About Angelica

Angelica Herb: How To Grow Angelica

Angelica has a long history of use as a seasoning, medicinal and tea. Although not commonly cultivated, growing Angelica will increase the variety and interest of flavors in your herb garden. Click here for more.

Dong Quai Herbs: Growing Chinese Angelica Plants In The Garden

Dong quai herbs are recognizable during the summer months by the umbrella-like clusters of small, sweet-smelling flowers that are highly attractive to bees and other beneficial insects. For more interesting information on these plants, click this article.

Tips On Harvesting Angelica: How To Prune Angelica Herbs

Less commonly seen here, angelica can be cultivated in the cooler regions of the United States where it can reach heights of up to 6 feet! This begs the question, does angelic plant need trimming and, if so, how to prune angelica herbs? Click here to learn more.

Propagating Angelica Plants: Growing Angelica Cuttings And Seeds

Propagating angelica plants is a great way to enjoy them in the garden. Angelica propagation is not too difficult. For tips on how to propagate Angelica herb plants, read the following article.