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There are different types of garlic and different ways to grow this herb. To grow and care for garlic plants effectively, it helps to arm yourself with the right information. We can help with this. Learn about garlic planting and harvesting so you can enjoy the bounty of all your hard work. Soon you will be creating all your favorite dishes using fresh, homegrown garlic.

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Why Fall Garlic Planting Is The Best Method

By Amy Grant

Fall is a great time to get garlic planted in the garden. Cold weather gives it a good start for a rich aromatic spring harvest.

Grow Garlic Indoors With These Simple Steps

By Amy Grant

It’s true - you really can grow garlic in the house if you follow a few guidelines. Click here to learn how.

Softneck Vs Hardneck Garlic – Should I Grow Softneck Or Hardneck Garlic

By Laura Miller

What’s the difference between softneck and hardneck garlic? Read on to learn more about what separates these two major varieties.

Homegrown Garlic Benefits – Top Reasons To Plant Garlic In The Garden

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

If you’re wondering why you should grow garlic, the better question might be, why not? Read on to learn the benefits of growing garlic.

Lorz Garlic Growing Info – Learn About Lorz Italian Garlic Plant Care

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Lorz Italian garlic plants are easy to grow in nearly every climate, including regions with very cold winters. The plant is so prolific that a single pound of cloves may produce a harvest of up to 10 pounds of delicious garlic at harvest time. Learn more here.

Porcelain Garlic Care: How To Grow Porcelain Garlic Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Porcelain garlic is a type of large, attractive hardneck garlic. The plump cloves, usually four to seven to a bulb, are easy to peel, delicious to eat, and store longer than most types of garlic. Learn how to grow porcelain garlic plants in this article.

What Is Purple Stripe Garlic: How To Grow Garlic With Purple Stripes

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Purple Stripe garlic is suitable for growing in nearly every climate, including those with very cold winters. However, it may struggle in hot, humid climates. Learn about growing Purple Stripe garlic plants in the garden by clicking this article.

Garlic Uses – Learn About The Benefits Of Garlic Plants

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Garlic uses aren't just limited to the kitchen, with many therapeutic abilities inherent in the bulb. So, if you're wondering what to do with garlic, grab a clove and get ready for some info on historical advantages with improved health. Click here to learn more.

Will Supermarket Garlic Grow: Growing Garlic From The Grocery Store

By Amy Grant

If your garlic has been sitting around too long and now sporting a green shoot, you may wonder if you can grow store bought garlic. Find out here.

What Is California Late Garlic – Tips For Growing California Late Garlic Bulbs

By Amy Grant

More than likely the garlic you get from the store is California Late white garlic, the most commonly used garlic in the United States, excellent for general use and stores quite well. The following article contains information on growing California Late garlic plants.

What Is Chamiskuri Garlic – Learn About Chamiskuri Garlic Plant Care

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Depending upon where you live, softneck garlic may be the optimal variety for you to grow. Chamiskuri garlic plants are an excellent example of this warm climate bulb. Gardeners in areas with mild winters should try growing Chamiskuri garlic. Learn more here.

Chesnok Red Garlic Care – How To Grow Chesnok Red Garlic Cloves

By Teo Spengler

What is Chesnek Red garlic? It wins acclaim as one of the best tasting baking garlic available. Growing Chesnok Red garlic is not difficult and not very different than other types of garlic. For information on how to grow Chesnok Red garlic, click here.

What Is Italian Purple Garlic – How To Grow Italian Purple Garlic

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Garlic is one of those crops for which it's hard to wait. That is why Early Italian Purple garlic is a good selection. This variety is ready weeks before most other softneck cultivars and has a long storage life. Learn how to grow Italian Purple garlic in this article.

Polish Hardneck Variety: Growing Polish Hardneck Garlic In The Garden

By Teo Spengler

The Polish hardneck variety is a type of porcelain garlic that is large, beautiful and well formed. If you are considering planting this variety, we’ll give you information about the these hardneck garlic bulbs and tips on growing them in this article.

What Is Early Red Italian Garlic – Tips On Early Red Italian Garlic Plant Care

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Garlic lovers who’ve spent a few months without fresh garlic cloves are prime candidates for growing Early Red Italian, which is ready for harvest before many other types. Learn more about this garlic variety and how to grow it in this article.

German White Garlic Info – How To Grow German White Garlic

By Teo Spengler

According to German White garlic information, this is a large, strong-flavored hardneck type garlic. German White garlic is a Porcelain type with satin white bulbs. For information about how to grow German White garlic, click this article.

What Is Polish Red Garlic – Polish Red Garlic Plant Growing Guide

By Amy Grant

Garlic is a must have for the garden. The question is which type of garlic to grow? That depends upon your palate, the length of time you want to be able to store it, and what you want to use it for. Take Polish Red garlic bulbs, for instance. Learn about this garlic here.

Italian Late Information: How To Grow Italian Late Garlic Cloves

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Growing Italian Late garlic is a great way to enjoy a tasty variety of garlic while also extending your harvest. As compared to other varieties, this one is ready later in the spring or summer so you can get more garlic for a longer period of time. Learn more here.

Persian Star Plant Info: How To Grow Persian Star Garlic Bulbs

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Garlic gives you the most flavor for your efforts in the garden of any vegetable. There are a lot of varieties to try, but for a pretty purple stripe garlic with a milder taste, try Persian Star. Click this article for more Persian Star plant information.

Inchelium Red Information – How To Grow Inchelium Red Garlic Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Chefs enjoy Inchelium Red garlic because of its robust flavor that works well in any type of dish that calls for garlic. It produces well too, so you’ll get an abundant harvest. Learn more about growing this garlic variety in your garden right here.

What Is Applegate Garlic: Applegate Garlic Care And Growing Tips

By Amy Grant

Garlic is not only delicious, but it’s good for you. Some people find garlic a little too strong, however. For those whose taste buds prefer milder garlic, try growing Applegate garlic plants. What is Applegate garlic? Click here for Applegate garlic info and care.

California Early Garlic Plants: When To Plant California Early Garlic

By Teo Spengler

California Early garlic plants might be the most popular garlic in American gardens. This softneck garlic can be planted and harvested early. Click the following article for information about this type of garlic, including tips on how and when to plant California Early.

Kettle River Giant Garlic: Tips For Growing Kettle River Garlic In The Garden

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Many garlics are grown specifically for fresh eating, but the strong flavors other varieties make them more suited for use in garlic butters and seasoning of meats and pasta dishes. ‘Kettle River Giant,’ for example, is prized for its attributes in cooking. Learn more here.

Chet’s Italian Red Garlic Plant: Learn About Growing Chet’s Italian Red Garlic

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

While the taste of homegrown garlic varies among varieties, the plethora of options allows success for even the most persnickety of growers. Some cultivars may be very flavor-forward, but others, like Chet’s Italian red, offer a mellow and balanced taste. Learn more here.

Polish White Garlic Info: How To Grow Polish White Garlic Bulbs

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Growing garlic at home is not only cost effective, but also allows growers to choose varieties that best suit their own tastes and needs in the kitchen. Polish White garlic is one such variety known for its mild taste. Click here for some more Polish White garlic info.

My Garlic Looks Like An Onion – Why Are My Garlic Cloves Not Forming

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Growing your own garlic is pretty easy. Home-grown garlic has so much more flavor than what you’ll find at the store. But if you have no garlic cloves or your garlic isn’t forming bulbs, it’s hard to enjoy the harvest. Troubleshoot the issue here to prevent it from reoccurring.

Red Toch Garlic Info: Tips For Growing Red Toch Garlic Bulbs

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Growing your own garlic provides the chance to try types that are not readily available on store shelves. Such is the case when growing Red Toch garlic – a type of garlic you’re sure to love. For some additional Red Toch garlic info, click this article.

What Is Black Garlic: Learn About The Benefits Of Black Garlic

By Amy Grant

What looks a bit like garlic, or rather a whole clove of roasted garlic, only blacker in color? Black garlic. Never heard of it? Click the article that follows for some fascinating black garlic information and learn how to make black garlic of your own.

Ornamental Garlic Plants – Why My Garlic Is Flowering

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Do garlic plants bloom? Garlic bulbs are no different than other bulbs in that they sprout and produce flowers. Ornamental garlic plants are grown to produce these blooms, which are called scapes. Learn more in this article.

Garlic Companion Planting: Plant Companions For Garlic

By Liz Baessler

Garlic is one of the best companion crops out there. A natural pest and fungus deterrent with few incompatible neighbors, garlic is a good crop to plant scattered throughout your garden. Learn about the benefits of garlic companion planting here.

Garlic As Pest Control: Tips For Controlling Pests With Garlic

By Amy Grant

Insects either love garlic or detest it. Some don't mind it, but others avoid it like the plague. Learn how to use it to your advantage here.

Garlic Bugs In Gardens: Information About Garlic Plant Pests

By Amy Grant

Garlic is fairly easy to grow and, for the most part, is pest resistant. In fact, it's often grown alongside other plants to their mutual benefit. That said, even garlic has its share of garlic plant pests. Learn more in this article.

Garlic Propagation: Propagating Garlic Cloves And Bulbs

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Garlic plant propagation is a noteworthy pursuit for those of us who need our garlic fix. In this article, you will learn how to propagate garlic for a garden fresh supply of this Allium plant year around. Click here for more info.

My Garlic Fell Over – How To Fix Drooping Garlic Plants

By Amy Grant

During the course of 240 days to maturity, any number of pests, diseases and weather conditions can affect the garlic crop. One such crisis occurs when garlic is falling over. So, how to fix drooping garlic? Read here to learn more.

Common Garlic Problems: Treating Garlic Problems In The Garden

By Kristi Waterworth

Growing garlic is a great garden activity, but it can be frustrating if diseases and pests raise their ugly heads. Learn about common problems and what to do to prevent them in the future by reading the information in this article.

Garlic Plant Bulbils: Tips For Growing Garlic From Bulbils

By Amy Grant

Garlic propagation is often associated with the planting of garlic cloves. Another method for propagation is on the rise too, growing garlic from bulbils. The question is can you grow garlic from bulbils? Read this article for more info.

Fertilization Of Garlic: Tips On Feeding Garlic Plants

By Amy Grant

Garlic is a long-season crop, depending upon the variety. So, as you may imagine, the proper fertilization of garlic is of paramount importance. The question is not only how to fertilize garlic, but when is the best time for feeding garlic plants. This article will help.

Different Types Of Garlic: Garlic Varieties To Grow In The Garden

By Amy Grant

Garlic is not only nutritious, it's delicious! But have you ever wondered about the different types of garlic plants you can grow? Well, if so, this article will help. Read here for more information on garlic varieties.

Garlic Planting In Pots: Tips For Growing Garlic In Containers

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Garlic makes everything taste better. Growing garlic in containers takes some planning and the right type of container. Read this article for some tips on how to grow garlic in a container and capture the head bite of fresh bulbs in your home recipes.

Can You Plant Garlic Near Tomatoes: Tips For Planting Garlic With Tomatoes

By Amy Grant

Companion planting is a modern term applied to an age old practice. Amongst the myriad of companion plant options, planting garlic with tomatoes, as well as with other types of vegetables, holds a unique place. Learn more here.

Storing Garlic Bulbs: How To Save Garlic For Next Year

By Amy Grant

Garlic is found in almost every cuisine on the planet. This popularity has led more and more people to cultivate their own bulbs. This leads one to wonder how to save garlic for next year's crop. This article will help with that.

Elephant Garlic Care: How To Grow Elephant Garlic Plants

By Amy Grant

Another plant that can be used to impart a similar, though lighter, flavor of garlic is the elephant garlic plant. How do you grow elephant garlic and what are some of elephant garlic uses? Read this article to learn more.

Storing Garlic: Tips On How To Store Garlic From The Garden

By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

Now that you have successfully grown and harvested your garlic, it is time to decide how to store your aromatic crop. The best way to store garlic depends on how you intend to use it. Read here to learn more.

How To Grow And Harvest Garlic Scapes

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Garlic is an easy to grow plant that is used for its bulb and its greens. Garlic scapes are the first tender green shoots on garlic which will become bulbils. Learn more garlic scapes in this article.

Can You Grow Garlic From Seed

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

Once in awhile someone wonders how to grow garlic from seed. While growing garlic is easy, there's no sure way to do so using garlic seed. Garlic is typically grown from cloves. Learn more in this article.

Growing Garlic – How To Plant And Grow Garlic In Your Garden

By Heather Rhoades

Growing garlic in the garden is a great thing for your kitchen garden. Fresh garlic is a great seasoning. Learn how to plant and grow garlic in this article so you can have the herb whenever you need it.

How And When To Harvest Garlic

By Heather Rhoades

Harvest garlic when at least one third of the leaves have dried and turned brown. Dig the bulbs out with a trowel - don't pull!

How To Grow Garlic In Warmer Climates

By Heather Rhoades

Most garlic varieties need to a certain amount of cold weather to form the tasty bulbs. For gardeners in warmer climates, this can be a frustrating. Find out how to grow garlic in warmer climates.

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