Information About Bay Trees

Sweet Bay Tree Care – Tips For Growing A Bay Tree

Bay leaves add their essence and aroma to our soups and stews but did you ever wonder how to grow a bay leaf tree? Get tips on how to grow a bay leaf tree in this article.

When To Sow Bay Seeds: Tips For Growing Bay Tree Seeds

Usually, sweet bay is purchased as a seedling from a nursery, but growing bay tree seeds is also possible, provided the grower has some patience since bay seed germination is a slow process. Interested in planting bay seeds? Find out when to sow bay seeds in this article.

Harvesting Bay Leaves: When To Pick Bay Leaves For Cooking

Almost everyone should be picking their own bay leaves; of course, you need to know when to pick them. Is there a specific bay leaf harvest time of year? The following article contains information on harvesting bay leaves.

Are Some Bay Leaves Toxic – Learn Which Bay Trees Are Edible

The delightful Mediterranean bay tree has a reputation for being toxic. What’s the real truth about bay leaves? Are they poisonous? Which bay trees are edible? Can you cook with all bay leaves, or are some bay leaves toxic? We’ll explore the issue in this article.

Bay Tree Varieties – Recognizing Different Kinds Of Bay Tree

Are there other bay tree varieties? If so, are other bay tree types edible? There are actually several different kinds of bay tree. Use the article that follows to find out about other types of bay and additional bay tree information. Click here for more info.

Bay Tree Propagation Methods – Tips For Propagating Bay Trees

Bay trees are lovely plants that grow well in containers. They’re the source of the ever popular bay leaves that are so ubiquitous in recipes. But how do you grow more bay trees from the one you already have? This article will help with bay tree propagation.

Winter Bay Tree Care: What To Do With Bay Trees In Winter

A bay tree is a large, attractive shade tree and is native to the Mediterranean region. This means it does not tolerate cold winters. Properly caring for a bay tree in winter is crucial if you want it to survive to see the next spring and summer. This article will help.

How To Prune A Bay Topiary – Tips For Bay Tree Topiary Pruning

Bays are popular due to how well they take to unusual pruning. With the right amount of trimming and training, it’s possible to shape your own bay tree topiaries. Learn more about bay tree topiary pruning and bay tree topiary ideas in this article.

Bay Laurel In A Container – Caring For Container Grown Bay Trees

Can you grow bay in a container? It is entirely possible. A bay leaf tree in a pot is attractive, accepts pruning and stays much smaller than forest trees. For information about growing bay leaves in containers, click the following article.

Bay Laurel Has Yellow Leaves: Why Is My Bay Laurel Turning Yellow

You may be wondering why your bay laurel is turning yellow on its leaves. There are a number of reasons why this can happen. For common causes and tips on treating this issue, read this article.

Sweet Bay Leaf Spots: Care Of Bay Tree Leaf Problems

Growing bay leaf trees have been cultivated for centuries for their subtle flavor, aroma and medicinal uses. That's why leaf spots may make one cringe. Find the causes and care of bay leaf tree problems here.