Information About Cotton

Cotton Seed Placement – How To Plant A Cotton Seed

Cotton plants are actually quite attractive. Your neighbors will ask about this unique garden plant, and they won’t believe it when you tell them what you’re growing. Find out how to sow cotton seeds in this article.

What Is Cotton Burr Compost: How To Use Cotton Burr Compost In Gardens

Not all compost is the same. Many gardeners will tell you that the best stuff you can get is cotton burr compost. Why and what is this? Find more information in this article and learn about how to use cotton burr compost in your garden.

Black Cotton Plants – Tips On Planting Black Cotton In Gardens

Looking for something unusual to add to your garden? Have I got an extraordinary beauty for you – black cotton plants, which are related to the familiar white cotton. Intrigued? This article provides tips on how to grow black cotton, harvest the plant and more.

Cotton Plant Info For Kids – Teaching Kids How To Grow Cotton

Cotton growing with kids is easy and most will find this to be a fun project in additional to an educational one. Learn more about how to grow cotton in the following article and give your kids a fun history lesson.