Information About Ginger Plants

Growing Ginger Plants: How To Plant And Care For Ginger

Ginger plant may seem like a mysterious herb to grow. The knobby ginger root is found in grocery stores but rarely do you find it in your local nursery. So can you grow ginger at home? Find out in this article.

Diseases Of Ginger – Recognizing Ginger Disease Symptoms

Ginger can be an interesting addition to your edible landscaping. Careful planning and a watchful eye will ensure that you never have to experience any of the ginger plant diseases found in this article. Click here for more information on treating sick ginger plants.

Ginger With Brown Leaves: Learn Why Ginger Leaves Are Turning Brown

Ginger plants are interesting additions to gardens, but they can be fickle about growing conditions. Brown leaves can be an alarming symptom, but the chances are good that your plant is showing a sign of stress, rather than a sign of sickness. Learn more here.

Japanese Ginger Info: How To Grow Myoga Ginger Plants

Japanese ginger roots are not edible. The shoots and buds of this plant are edible and can be used like an herb in cooking. Japanese ginger uses aren’t limited to food, though. Learn more in this article.

Can Ginger Grow Outside – Ginger Cold Hardiness And Site Requirements

Once an exotic herb grown only in tropical locations, today homeowners all over the world can grow their own ginger in the garden. Click the following article to learn more about growing ginger outdoors along with their outdoor requirements.

Hydroponic Ginger Plants – Can You Grow Ginger In Water

To grow ginger, these conditions need to mimic those where it grows naturally, but what about hydroponic ginger plants? Can you grow ginger in water? Click on this article to find out about rooting and growing ginger in water.

Ginger Plant Division – How To Divide Ginger Plants

Separating a ginger periodically will encourage new growth and can garner new plants from divided rhizomes. The trick is knowing when to divide ginger and how to do it without damaging the parent plant. This article will help with that.

Growing Ginger In Containers: How To Care For Ginger In Pots

Ginger is a warm-climate plant that grows year round in USDA plant hardiness zones 9b and above, but gardeners in more northern climates can grow ginger in a container. Want to learn about growing ginger in containers? Click this article.

Indoor Ginger Care: Ginger Houseplant Growing Tips

Ginger root is such a delightful culinary ingredient, adding spiciness to savory and sweet recipes. It’s also a medicinal remedy for indigestion and upset stomach. If you grow your own, in an indoor container, you’ll never run out again. Learn more in this article.

Ginger Plant Companions: Learn About Plants That Thrive With Ginger

"What can I plant with ginger," you may ask. Pretty much anything with the same growth requirements. Ginger has no negative effects on any other plant, so the combination can be whatever you want. Learn more in this article.