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Container Grown Sesame – Learn About Growing Sesame In A Container

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Sesame in pots grown on your patio or balcony will not give you a huge harvest of seeds, but it’s still worthwhile. You can get about 70 seeds per pod and multiple pods on one small plant. And it is a pretty plant too. Click here to learn more about potted sesame plants.

Sesame Plant Diseases – How To Treat Problems With Sesame Plants

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Sesame plant diseases are not common but can cause widespread crop loss when they occur. Most of the diseases of sesame are fungal or bacterial and are easy to avoid with good cropping practices. Here is an overview on sesame diseases and how to manage them.

Sesame Seed Benefits – Should You Be Eating Sesame Seeds

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

The benefits of sesame seeds seem to go beyond adding fiber and nutrition with a tasty crunch. Sesame seed benefits have been found to possess many other possible uses too. Click on the following article to learn more about how sesame seeds can be good for you.

Sesame Pest Control – How To Kill Bugs That Eat Sesame Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Although sesame is a relatively hardy plant, it can be bugged by a number of insect pests. Learn about pests of sesame in this article. We will also provide tips on how to cope with sesame pest problems in the garden. Click here for more information.

Sesame Seed Drying – How To Dry Sesame Seeds From Your Plants

By Teo Spengler

Everybody likes sesame seeds on bagels, sushi and stir-fries, and the tiny seeds can also be ground into sesame oil and tahini paste. If you’ve got a garden, you may like to start growing your own. Click this article for tips on drying and storing sesame seeds.

Ailing Sesame Plants – Learn About Common Sesame Seed Issues

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Growing sesame in the garden is an option if you live in a hot, dry climate. Sesame thrives in those conditions. Care is largely hands-off, but there are some occasional issues you may face with growing sesame. Click this article to learn more about potential sesame seed issues.

Sesame Seed Propagation: Learn When To Plant Sesame Seeds

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Sesame seeds are tasty and a kitchen staple. They can be toasted to add nuttiness to dishes or made into nutritious oil and a delicious paste. If you love growing your own food, consider growing sesame from seed for a new and rewarding challenge. This article will help.

Picking Sesame Seeds – Learn How to Harvest Sesame Seeds

By Amy Grant

Have you ever bitten into a sesame bagel or dipped into some hummus and wondered how to grow and harvest those tiny sesame seeds? And when are sesame seeds ready for picking anyway? Find answers to these questions in the following article.

Sesame Plant Seeds: What Is Sesame Used For

By Amy Grant

If all you know about sesame seeds is from eating sesame seed hamburger buns, then you’re missing out. Sesame plant seeds have numerous uses far beyond that burger. So what else can you do with sesame seeds? Click here to find out how to use sesame seeds at home.

DIY Sesame Oil – How To Extract Sesame Oil From Seeds

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Sesame seed oil has long been used in both cooking, as well as in skincare and cosmetic applications. Credited in having many health benefits, creating a version of “DIY sesame oil” at home is simple. Click here to learn about making sesame oil.

What Are Benne Seeds: Learn About Benne Seeds For Planting

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

What are benne seeds? Chances are, you already know about benne seeds, which are more commonly known as sesame seeds. In spite of its nutritional benefits, benne hasn't gained a following as a food crop in the United States. Click here to learn more.

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