Information About Tarragon

Growing Tarragon In The Herb Garden

While it's not particularly attractive, tarragon is a hardy herb commonly grown for its aromatic leaves and peppery-like. Find tips for growing tarragon herb plants in the garden by reading the following article.

Tarragon Plant Harvesting: Tips On Harvesting Tarragon Herbs

As with most other herbs, tarragon is cultivated for its flavorful leaves rich in essential oils. How do you know when to harvest tarragon though? Click this article to find out about tarragon harvest times and how to harvest tarragon.

French Tarragon Plant Care: Tips For Growing French Tarragon

The “chef’s best friend” and essential herb in French cuisine, French tarragon plants are sinfully aromatic with a scent redolent of sweet anise and flavor akin to that of licorice. Get growing tips here.

Tips For Growing Tarragon Indoors

Growing tarragon indoors allows you easy access to the herb and give it protection from cold temperatures. There are a few tips to learning how to grow tarragon indoors. This article will help with that.