Information About Thyme

There are different types of thyme plants and growing them successfully depends not only on what type you have and region grown but also having the right thyme care information at your fingertips. This is where we come in. Below you will find everything you need to grow thyme herbs. Learn where they grow and what conditions growing thyme plants require, including pruning tips and more.

Tips For Growing Thyme In Your Garden

The thyme herb is frequently used for both culinary and decorative uses. Growing thyme is not hard and with the correct knowledge, this herb will flourish in your yard. This article will help with that.

Propagating Thyme Plants: Thyme Seed Planting And Rooting Thyme Plants

Thyme is an herb steeped in history with a wide range of uses, not the least of which is culinary. With such a plethora of applications, it is a “must have” for the herb garden. So then, how to propagate thyme you ask? Find out here.

Growing Woolly Thyme: Information On Woolly Thyme Ground Cover

There are plants you just want to touch and woolly thyme plants are just one of them. Growing and caring for this herb plant is easy. Read this article for information on how to grow woolly thyme.

What Is Elfin Thyme: Information On Elfin Creeping Thyme Plant

Elfin creeping thyme plant is as cherubic as its name implies with small glossy, green aromatic leaves and teeny weensy purple or pink blossoms. Read here for information on elfin thyme care.

Lemon Thyme Herbs: How To Grow Lemon Thyme Plants

Lemon thyme plants are a lovely addition to an herb garden, rock garden or border or as container plants. Grown not only for its culinary uses but for its attractive foliage, lemon thyme info can be found here.

Creeping Thyme Information: Tips For Growing Creeping Thyme Plants

Creeping thyme is a spreading thyme variety. It is excellent planted as a lawn substitute or amongst stepping stones or pavers. Learn more about creeping thyme plant care and more in this article.

Types Of Thyme Plants: Varieties Of Thyme For The Garden

Any time is a good time to grow thyme. There are over 300 thyme varieties to choose from so it's easy to find one for nearly every climate and landscape. Read here for common types of thyme plants you can grow.

Storing Thyme – Drying Fresh Thyme After Harvesting

Thyme is one of the most versatile herbs, with various cultivars and flavors. Knowing how to dry thyme can help you preserve the delightful scent and flavor of this herb for easy home use. Click here for more.

Growing Thyme Indoors: How To Grow Thyme Indoors

What could be better than having the scents and flavors near to hand in the kitchen? Thyme is a useful herb that can be used in a variety of ways. Growing thyme indoors is easy, and this article will help.

Tips For Pruning Thyme Plants For Best Growth

Thyme plants do best when they are pruned regularly. Taking the time to trim thyme, not only creates a nicer looking plant, but also helps improve the amount you can harvest from the plant. Learn more here.