Information About Almonds

Growing Almond Trees – Information On The Care Of Almond Trees

Almonds are prized for use in candies, baked goods, and confections and for the oil processed from the nut. Learn how to grow your own almonds in this article and enjoy these tasty snacks.

Almond Propagation Methods: Tips On Propagating Almond Trees

Almond trees have become a popular nut tree for home gardens around the world. They can be purchased from garden centers and nurseries, or propagated at home from an existing almond tree. Click here to learn how to propagate an almond tree.

Moving An Almond Tree – How To Transplant Almond Trees

Do you have an almond tree that for one reason or other needs to be moved to another location? Then you’re probably wondering if you can transplant an almond? If so, click on this article for some helpful almond transplant tips.

Planting Almond Nuts – How To Grow An Almond From Seed

Although almond germination does take a little know how, propagating your own seed grown almond trees is definitely a fun project for the novice or avid home gardener. Click on the following article to find out how to grow an almond from seed.

Almond Pest Control – Recognizing Almond Tree Pest Symptoms

Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy almonds; there are lots of bugs that eat almonds, or the tree’s foliage. When treating pests on almond trees, it’s important to recognize almond tree pest symptoms. The following article can help with that.

Almond Tree Cultivars: What Are The Best Varieties Of Almond

If you are planting almond trees, you will have to select among many different almond trees and almond tree cultivars. Your choice will have to take into account a variety of factors. Click this article for information about types of almond trees.

Recognizing Almond Disease Symptoms: Tips For Treating Sick Almond Trees

Even with the best care, almonds are susceptible to their share of almond tree diseases. When treating sick almond trees, it’s important to recognize almond disease symptoms in order to identify which of the diseases of almond are afflicting the tree. Learn more here.

Container Grown Almond Tree Care: How To Grow An Almond In A Container

If you live in a non-tropical climate, you may have success growing an almond tree in a pot. You may even harvest a few nuts after about three years. Learn more about container-grown almond trees in this article and see if it’s something you might wat to try.

Almond Tree Issues – Dealing With Common Almond Tree Problems

Potential problems with almond trees include both almond diseases and pests. To learn more about almond tree problems, this article can help. We’ll also give you tips for managing issues in almonds to make your growing endeavors a little easier.

No Flowers On Almond Trees: Reasons For An Almond Tree Not Flowering

Almond trees are wonderful assets to have in the garden or orchard. But what do you do if your beloved tree isn’t flowering, let alone producing nuts? Learn more about what to do when your almond tree won’t bloom in this article so you can harvest the nuts you long for.

Almond Tree Hand Pollination: How To Hand Pollinate Almonds

With the decline in honeybee populations, home almond growers may wonder “can you pollinate almonds by hand?” Hand pollinating almond trees is possible, but it is a slow process, so it’s only a possibility on a small scale. Learn more in this article.

Bees And Almonds: How Are Almond Trees Pollinated

If you plan to grow almond trees and you want them to produce nuts, you’ll need to think about how to pollinate almond trees before you even plant. You’ll need to choose the correct combination of varieties and consider your source of pollinators. Learn more here.

Almond Tree Not Producing Nuts: Causes For An Almond Tree With No Nuts

Almonds are both tasty and nutritious, so growing your own was a great idea – until you realized your tree wasn’t producing. What good is an almond tree with no nuts? The good news is that you should be able to fix the problem with a few simple steps. Learn more here.

Pruning Almond Trees: How And When To Prune An Almond Tree

In the case of almonds, repeated years of pruning have been shown to reduce crop yields, something no sane commercial grower wants. That isn’t to say that NO pruning is recommended, leaving us with the question of when to prune an almond tree? Find out here.

Almond Nut Harvesting: How And When To Harvest Almonds

Almond fruits are drupes, similar to cherries. Once the drupes mature, it’s time for harvest. The quality and quantity of your backyard almonds depend on using the correct techniques to harvest, process, and store the nuts. Learn more in this article.