Information About Almonds

Growing Almond Trees – Information On The Care Of Almond Trees

Almonds are prized for use in candies, baked goods, and confections and for the oil processed from the nut. Learn how to grow your own almonds in this article and enjoy these tasty snacks.

Pruning Almond Trees: How And When To Prune An Almond Tree

In the case of almonds, repeated years of pruning have been shown to reduce crop yields, something no sane commercial grower wants. That isn’t to say that NO pruning is recommended, leaving us with the question of when to prune an almond tree? Find out here.

Almond Nut Harvesting: How And When To Harvest Almonds

Almond fruits are drupes, similar to cherries. Once the drupes mature, it’s time for harvest. The quality and quantity of your backyard almonds depend on using the correct techniques to harvest, process, and store the nuts. Learn more in this article.