Information About Hazelnut

What Is Eastern Filbert Blight: Tips On How To Treat Eastern Filbert Blight

Growing hazelnuts in the U.S. is difficult because of Eastern filbert blight. The fungus does limited damage to American hazelnut, but it devastates the superior European hazelnut trees. Find out about Eastern filbert blight symptoms and management in this article.

Hazelnut Tree Pollination – Do Hazelnut Trees Need To Cross Pollinate

Hazelnuts have a unique biologic process wherein fertilization follows hazelnut tree pollination after 4-5 months! Most other plants fertilize a few days after pollination. This made me wonder, do hazelnut trees need to cross pollinate? Click here to find out.

Hazelnut Picking: How And When To Harvest Hazelnuts

Even if you don’t grow your own, there were several U-Pick places where you can do your own hazelnut picking. Harvesting hazelnuts is simple to do if you know when to harvest hazelnuts. So how do you harvest hazelnuts? Click here to learn more.

Hazelnut Growing: How To Grow Filbert And Hazelnut Trees

Hazelnut trees grow only 10 to 20 feet tall with a spread of 15 feet, making them suitable for all but the tiniest home gardens. Learn more about hazelnut growing and their care in this article.