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We all know that walnuts are delicious, which explains why they are an all-time American favorite. However, we’ve learned in recent years that these popular nuts are absolutely jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and those all-important Omega-3 fatty acids. Although growing walnut trees takes some time, it’s possible to grow walnuts in most climate zones of the United States. Read more below.

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Butternut Harvesting: How To Harvest Butternut Trees

By Amy Grant

An underutilized nut, the butternut, is a hard nut that is as large as a pecan. If you are lucky enough to have one of these gorgeous white walnut trees, you may be wondering when and how to harvest butternut trees? This article can help with that.

Canker In Butternut Trees: Learn How To Treat Butternut Canker

By Jackie Carroll

Butternut trees are treasures that add grace and beauty to the landscape, but butternut canker disease ruins the appearance of the tree, and it is almost always fatal. Find out about preventing and treating butternut canker in this article.

Fusarium Canker In Walnuts – Learn About Treating Fusarium Canker Disease on Walnut Trees

By Jackie Carroll

Walnut trees grow quickly, and before you know it, you have cool shade and a bounty of nuts. You may also have cankers that can kill the tree. Find out about fusarium canker in walnuts in this article. Click here to learn more.

Treating Walnut Bunch Disease: Bunch Disease In Walnut Trees

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Walnut bunch disease affects not only walnuts but a number of other trees, including pecan and hickory. Find helpful information regarding symptoms of bunch disease and bunch disease treatment in the article that follows.

Is Growing Butternuts Possible: Information About White Walnut Trees

By Teo Spengler

What are butternuts? No, don't think squash, think trees. Butternut is a species of walnut tree and the nuts that grow on these wild trees are easy to process and delicious to eat. For more butternut tree information, click this article.

Trimming A Walnut Tree: How To Prune Walnut Trees Properly

By Karen Boness, Owner of Wild Willow Landscape Design

Walnut tree pruning is important for the tree's health, structure and productivity. Walnut trees make nice shade trees, are excellent timber specimens, and produce delicious nuts. Click this article to learn how to prune a walnut tree.

Walnut Tree Harvesting: When Are Walnuts Ready To Pick

By Amy Grant

Walnuts are high in protein and delicious! What better reason to grow your own? The question is, when are walnuts ready to pick and what is the best way to pick walnuts? This article will help with harvesting walnuts.

Planting Walnut Trees: Tips and Information On Growing Walnuts

By Amy Grant

Walnut trees produce not only a delicious, nutritious nut but also provide shade in the landscape with their large, arching limbs. Learn how to grow walnuts in this article.

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