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Did you know that artichokes are actually a type of thistle? Even though they may seem exotic and even slightly mysterious, growing artichoke plants is surprisingly easy. Gardeners in chilly climates grow artichokes as annuals, but if you live in an area with mild winters and cool, damp summers, then growing artichokes year round is possible. The following articles with provide helpful information on planting and caring for artichoke plants.

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Green Globe Improved Artichoke: Learn About Green Globe Artichoke Care

By Laura Miller

Gardeners grow plants either for their visual appeal or because they produce tasty fruits and vegetables. What if you could do both? The Green Globe Improved artichoke is not only a highly nutritious food but attractive when grown as an ornamental. Learn more here.

Imperial Star Artichoke Care: How To Grow An Imperial Star Artichoke Plant

By Laura Miller

Since Imperial Star artichokes were specifically bred for cultivation as a cold-climate annual, this variety is well adapted for home gardeners who are unable to grow artichokes as perennials. Learn more about this artichoke variety in this article.

Artichoke Plant Types: Learn About Different Artichoke Varieties

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

There are several varieties of artichoke, some of which produce big buds with plenty of flesh, while others are more decorative. Click on the following article for information on different artichoke varieties that might be suitable for your region.

Container Grown Artichoke Plants: How To Grow Artichokes In Pots

By Amy Grant

If you don’t think you have garden space for the large artichoke plant, try growing an artichoke in a container. Potted artichokes are simple to grow if you follow the container grown artichoke tips from this article. Click here to learn more.

Artichoke Plant Propagation – How To Propagate An Artichoke

By Laura Miller

The propagation of artichoke plants is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean area where this perennial thistle was considered a delicacy. For information on propagating artichoke plants to grow in the garden, click the following article.

Artichoke Winter Care: Learn About Overwintering Artichoke Plants

By Amy Grant

Artichokes are primarily cultivated commercially in sunny California, but are artichokes cold hardy? Overwintering artichoke plants isn’t difficult; it simply takes a little knowledge and planning. Click here for more information on artichokes in winter.

Artichoke Companion Planting: Learn About Artichoke Plant Companions

By Liz Baessler

If you do choose to add artichokes to your garden, it's important to know which plants work well near them and which don't. This article has additional information about what to plant next to artichokes. Click here to learn more.

Problems With Artichoke Plants: Pest Control And Care Of Diseased Artichokes

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

You may on occasion encounter a few problems with artichoke plants while growing them. To get help for artichoke plants under attack, use the information found in this article.

Picking An Artichoke – When And How To Harvest Artichokes

By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

When and how to harvest artichokes in the home garden depends on the type you are growing. If you want to know how to tell when an artichoke is ripe, the information in this article can help.

Artichoke Seed Plants: When To Start An Artichoke Seed

By Jackie Rhoades

Interested in germinating artichoke seeds? Seed plants from the artichoke are easy to grow. Read the following article for tips on harvesting and growing artichoke seeds in your garden.

Artichokes Growing In Your Garden – Tips To Grow Artichoke Plants

By Jackie Rhoades

Artichokes are first mentioned around 77 AD so people have been eating them for a long, long time. What are artichokes? Read the following article to learn more about them and how to grow artichokes in the garden.

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