Nadia Eggplant Info – Nadia Eggplant Care In The Garden

Two Nadia Eggplants
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If you’re looking for an eggplant variety to grow in your garden or a container on your deck, consider Nadia. This is a traditional, black, Italian type with the shape of a teardrop. Fruits have glossy, and typically blemish-free skins. They’re prolific and long-term producers and an excellent choice for those who want lots of eggplant from their efforts. Read on for more Nadia eggplant information.

What is a Nadia Eggplant?

Nadia is an Italian eggplant that looks like a smaller type of the large, purple American eggplant. Italian eggplant, such as Nadia, have finer flesh and thinner skin, that may be cooked along with the meat of the fruit. In some markets, the size of the eggplant determines what it is called, but there are different types with real, though, sometimes slight differences.

Growing Nadia Eggplants

Growing Nadia eggplants is a great choice for those who have lots of recipes to try or wish to freeze the fruit. Ready in approximately 67 days from planting, each vine will produce several fruits. You may limit the number and increase their size by pinching out the growing points in some areas of the vine, according to Nadia eggplant information.

A heat-loving plant, eggplant needs growing conditions similar to those given to tomatoes and peppers. Full sun, planted in rich, well-draining soil is just what the growing vine needs. Provide support when planting the seedlings to avoid disturbing the root system and growing fruits. A cage may work best for this prolific producer. Keep the soil moist.

Plant Nadia when the soil has warmed in USDA zones 5 and higher. Those with shorter growing seasons, or who wish to stagger crops, may start seeds indoors up to two months before the soil has warmed enough to be planted. Nadia has an extended harvest time and is a good choice for shorter season gardens. This type continues to produce as temperatures cool.

Nadia and other eggplants are perennial plants that may produce more than one year if protected from frost and freeze. Learning how to grow Nadia eggplants and about Nadia eggplant care prepares you to grow other types.

Harvest the eggplants by cutting instead of trying to pull them off. Blanch eggplant before freezing or freeze it when cooked. Eggplant is often breaded and fried for use in casserole type dishes, such as Eggplant Parmesan. It also may be seasoned and grilled.

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