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If you’re looking for a garden green packed full of nutrients, then growing kale in the garden is a definite plus. These plants are also relatively easy to care for and even enjoy cool temperatures. Learn more about how to grow and care for kale plants and find tips on harvesting and more using the information found in the following articles.

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Kale Pests And Diseases That Plague Fall Gardens

By Laura Miller

Learn how to recognize and eliminate the diseases and pests that attack your yummy kale plants.

My Kale Is Bolting: How To Stop Kale Bolting

By Laura Miller

You walk to your garden one fine summer day only to find your kale is bolting. Although this can be frustrating, you can learn how to stop it from happening again.

Different Uses For Kale – How To Use Kale Plants Post Harvest

By Laura Miller

Have you wondered what to do with kale that's growing in your garden? Click here for some of the many uses for kale.

Prickly Kale Leaves – Does Kale Have Thorns

By Laura Miller

Does kale have thorns? Most gardeners would say no, yet this question is occasionally asked. Click here to explore reasons kale is prickly.

Saving Kale Seeds – Learn How To Harvest Kale Seeds

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Noted for its use in the kitchen, kale is an easy-to-grow leafy green that thrives in cooler temperatures. Unlike many common garden vegetables, kale plants are actually biennials. In this article, we will discuss how to harvest kale seeds so you can plant another crop.

Kale Rabe Information: How To Grow Napini Kale In The Garden

By Amy Grant

What's napini? Napini is sometimes called kale rabe so you can see where this is starting to get confusing. Don't worry, the following kale rabe information will straighten it all out, plus tell you how to grow your own napini kale and its uses.

Kale Companion Plants: Learn About Plants That Grow Well With Kale

By Amy Grant

Kale is a cool weather green with ruffled leaves. Many plants grow well with kale - receiving and giving benefits to each other. So what are the best companion plants for kale? Find out about kale companion planting in this article.

Will Kale Grow In Containers: Tips On Growing Kale In Pots

By Amy Grant

You might be wondering about growing your own kale but perhaps you lack garden space. What about container-grown kale? Will kale grow in containers? Click here to find out how to grow kale in containers and other information on potted kale plants.

Growing Flowering Kale Plants: Information About Flowering Kale Care

By MarlieGraves

Ornamental kale plants can make a wonderful red, pink, purple, or white show in the cool season garden with very minimal care. Learn more about growing flowering kale in this article so you can enjoy this colorful plant.

Kale Plant Protection: Tips For Pest And Kale Disease Prevention

By Jackie Carroll

Kale plant protection for next year's crop begins after the fall harvest. Many of the insects that damage kale and spread diseases overwinter in plant debris. Protect them with info from this article.

Picking Kale – How To Harvest Kale

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Kale is basically a cabbage type vegetable that does not form a head. Kale is tasty when cooked or kept small to use in salads. Learn how to harvest kale at the right time with tips from this article.

Growing Kale: Information On How To Grow Kale

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Kale plants are extremely robust and hardy. They can adapt to many different situations and will grow in the winter. Learning how to grow kale plants in your garden is easy, and this article will help get you started.

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