Information About Okra

A traditional Southern favorite for generations, you don’t have to be Southern to grow okra, as this tropical vegetable thrives in climates with warm summers. Want to know more about how to grow okra in your garden? The following articles provide tips and information about growing and caring for okra plants.

Planting Okra: How To Grow Okra

Okra is a wonderful vegetable that is used in all sorts of soups and stews. It is pretty versatile, but not a lot of people actually grow it. If you are thinking about planting okra, read here for growing tips.

My Okra Is Rotting: What Causes Okra Blossom Blight

Okra flowers and fruits turn soft on the plants and develop a fuzzy appearance. This usually means that they’ve been infected with fungal okra blossom and fruit blight. Learn more about this common okra problem in this article.

What Is Okra Leaf Spot: Tips For Treating Leaf Spot Of Okra

Even with centuries of cultivation, okra is still susceptible to pests and diseases. One such disease is leaf spot of okra. What is okra leaf spot and how can okra with leaf spots be managed? This article will help with these questions. Click here to learn more.

Why Won’t My Okra Bloom – What To Do For Okra With No Flowers

Okra is a great garden plant for warm and hot climates. In addition to the okra pods, you get to enjoy the flowers. Sometimes, though, gardeners find themselves with a large and seemingly healthy okra plant that has no flowers or fruit. Learn more here.

Okra Mosaic Virus Info: Learn About Mosaic Virus Of Okra Plants

Okra mosaic virus was first seen in okra plants in Africa, but there are now reports of it popping up in the U.S. This virus is still not common, but it is devastating to crops. If you grow okra, you are not likely to see it, but if you do, this article may help.

Fusarium Wilt In Okra: Treating Okra Fusarium Wilt Disease In Gardens

Okra fusarium wilt is a likely culprit if you’ve noticed wilting okra plants, especially if the plants perk up when temperatures drop in evening. Your plants may not die, but the disease delays growth and decreases yields when harvest time rolls around. Learn more here.

Okra Companion Plants – Learn About Companion Planting With Okra

Okra plant companions are plants that thrive with okra. Companion planting with okra can deter pests and generally boost growth and production. Find out what to plant near okra in this article so your garden can reap the benefits.

Red Burgundy Okra: Growing Red Okra Plants In The Garden

You thought okra was green? What kind of okra is red? As the name suggests, the plant bears 2- to 5-inch long, torpedo-shaped fruit but is the red okra edible? Click this article to find out all about growing red okra plants.

Collecting Okra Seeds – How To Save Okra Seeds For Planting Later

Okra is a warm season vegetable that produces long, thin, edible pods nicknamed ladies’ fingers. If you grow okra in your garden, collecting okra seeds is a cheap and easy way to get seeds for next year’s garden. Read this article to find out how to save okra seeds.

Ornamental Okra Plants: Tips On Growing Okra In Containers And Garden Beds

Okra is a nutrient-rich vegetable with a mild flavor but not everyone likes it. If you don’t want to raise the vegetable for eating, you can still grow ornamental okra plants. The big, hibiscus-like blooms are anything but unpleasant. Learn more here.

Information On How To Harvest Okra

Growing okra is a pretty simple garden task. Harvesting okra can be tricky, however, because you have to get to them before the pods become tough. This article can help with tips on when and how to pick okra.