Information About Onions

Whether you’re new to growing onions in the garden or an old pro, at some point in time onion problems may become inevitable. Knowing how to care for onions during these times of crises, or simply in general, can help alleviate the stress associated with unwanted onion problems. Continue reading to learn more about growing and caring for onions, find information on onion harvesting and storage, and gather tips for elimination pests, diseases and more.

How To Grow Onions In Your Garden

Once you know how to grow onions, it is not hard to add these fun vegetables to your garden. Many people wonder how do onions grow. For information on growing onions in the garden, read the following article.

Onions For Different Climates: A Guide To Onion Plant Varieties

You may think an onion is an onion is an onion. In reality, there are many varieties of onion. Click on the article that follows for information on onion plant varieties and the perfect onion for different climates.

What Are Sweet Onions – Learn About Sweet Onion Growing

Sweet onions are starting to become wildly popular. They get their name not from their high sugar, but their low sulfur content. Sweet onion growing can be a little tricky, however. Learn more about how to grow sweet onions in this article.

Onion Maggot Control – How To Get Rid Of Onion Maggots

In some parts of the U.S., onion maggots are without a doubt the most serious pest of plants in the onion family. They infest onions, leeks, shallots, garlic and chives. Find out about the identification and control of onion maggots in this article.

Companion Planting With Onions – Learn About Onion Plant Companions

Simply by placing certain plants next to others, you can naturally repel pests and stimulate growth. Onions are especially good companions to certain plants because of their ability to deter bugs. Learn more here about companion planting with onions.

Green Onion Plants In Water: Tips On Growing Green Onions In Water

Regrowing green onions work especially well because they’re usually sold with their roots still attached. Learn more about how to grow green onions in water using the information from this article. Click here to get started.

Folding Onion Tops: Why Do You Fold Down The Tops Of Onions

To new gardeners, rolling down onion tops may seem like a questionable thing to do, but many gardeners think folding onion tops before harvesting onions is a useful practice. Click this article to learn all about it.

Onion Plant Diseases: Tips For Treating Diseases Of Onion

A wet growing season is bad news for an onion crop. Many diseases, most of them fungal, invade the garden and ruin onions in times of warm, moist weather. Click this article to find out about onion diseases and their control.

What Is A Spring Onion – Tips On Growing Spring Onions

One of the most versatile veggies is the spring onion. This beauty will bring tears to your eyes (get it?). So what is a spring onion? This article has information about spring onion cultivation and uses for spring onions. Click here to learn more.

Onions To Grow Over Winter: How Do You Grow Winter Onions

Winter onions are basically the same as “regular” onions, except they grow in bunches and the flavor is slightly milder. As the name suggests, winter onions are great onions to grow over winter. Learn more about these onions in this article.

Welsh Onion Plants: Tips On Growing Welsh Onions

Welsh onion is a compact, clumping plant cultivated for its ornamental value and mild, chive-like flavor. Growing Welsh onions is a cinch, so plant them where you can enjoy the hollow, grassy leaves and chive-like blooms. This article will help.

Are Red Onions Easy To Grow: Tips On Growing Red Onions

While there are many varieties of yellow onion, its less utilized cousin, the red onion, has its place in the kitchen too. So, are red onions easy to grow? When is planting and harvesting time for red onions? Learn more in this article.

What Is Pink Root Onion Disease

Pink root sounds like something from a high-end salon, but it’s actually a problematic disease in onions. Do you know how to tell if your onions are afflicted? If not, this article will help. Read here to learn about this disease and how to treat it.

Growing Onions Vertically: Care Of Onions In A Bottle

Many of us grow fresh herbs on the kitchen windowsill or other sunny nook of the home. Along with herbs, garlic and onions are a staple of my menus, so what about growing onions vertically indoors? Read this article to learn more.

Onion Frost And Cold Protection: Can Onions Tolerate Cold Temps

Can onions tolerate cold temps? That depends on how cold and at what age the onions are. Onion cold and frost protection is simple, but you need to apply the steps before a hard freeze threatens new sprouts. Click here for more.

Onion Bulb Formation: Why Onions Do Not Form Bulbs

Many onion varieties are relatively easy to grow. That said, onions do have their fare share of issues with bulb formation; either the onions do not form bulbs, or they may be small and/or misshapen. Get more info here in this article.

Onion Harvest Time: Learn How And When To Harvest Onions

Onions are an easy-to-grow and manage crop that, when properly harvested, can provide a kitchen staple through the fall and winter. Find out when and how to harvest onions in the garden in this article.

Onion Plant Rust Treatment: Will Rust Disease Kill Onions

What is puccinia allii? It is a fungal disease also known as garlic rust disease. Preventing onion rust is important. Learn about onion and garlic rust in this article so you can save future onion crops.

Storing Onions – How To Store Homegrown Onions

Onions are easy to grow and produce a tidy little crop with very little effort. Once the onions are harvested, they can keep a long time if you store them properly. Read here for tips on storing onions from the garden.

Thrips On Onions And Why Onion Tops Curl Up

If your onion tops curl up, you may have a case of onion thrips. Damage from these pests can wipe out your onion crop, so knowing how to control them is essential. This article will help with controlling onion thrips.

Collecting Onion Seeds: How To Harvest Onion Seeds

When they find that special onion variety particularly appealing, many gardeners want to know how to collect onion seeds for future sowing. Harvesting onion seeds is a fairly simple process, and this article can help.

Scallion Picking: How Do You Harvest Scallions

While most people know that scallions are simply young, immature onions that are easy to grow, not everyone is certain about scallion picking or harvesting. This article will help with tips for harvesting scallions.

What Is Onion Bolting And How To Keep An Onion From Bolting

Onions are easy to grow; however, even in perfect soil, nutrient and light conditions, gardeners all face a problem over which they have little control: onion bolting. Learn how to keep onions from bolting here.

Growing Scallions – How To Plant Scallions

Scallion plants are easy to grow and can be eaten as is, used as flavoring when cooking, or as an attractive garnish. Read here to learn how to plant scallions in the garden and the difference between scallions and onions.

Growing Onion Seed – Planting Onion Seeds In The Garden

Growing onions from seed is both easy and economical. They can be started indoors in flats and transplanted to the garden later or sow their seeds directly in the garden. Read here to learn more about onion seed starting.

Growing Onions In Container Gardens

Many people would love to grow onions, but due to a small garden, or perhaps no garden at all, they just to not have the room. Growing onions in containers allows you to overcome this problem. Learn more here.

How To Store Onion Sets: Storing Onions For Planting

Perhaps you found a great early deal on onion sets or maybe you just didn't get to plant them last season. Either way, you need to store them until you are ready for planting, and this article will help with that.

Onion Info – Tips For Growing Big Onions

Onions are good for us and many people grow them in their gardens. However, if you are having difficulties and your onions won't grow big, read this article for more onion facts that can help you fix that.