Growing Onions Vertically: Care Of Onions In A Bottle

Onions Growing Vertically In A Plastic Bottle
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Many of us grow fresh herbs on the kitchen windowsill or another sunny nook. It's so convenient to snip a sprig of thyme or another herb to freshly flavor our home-cooked meals and give them some pizzazz. Along with herbs, garlic and onions are a staple of my menus; so what about growing onions vertically indoors?

How to Grow a Vertical Onion Garden

Vertical gardening with onions is a great way to garden for those with limited space. It's also a great wintertime project when you're yearning to see something green growing amidst the freezing temps and snowstorms. This project is fun to do with the kids, although the first part should be done by an adult. It is also an awesome way to recycle and repurpose something we have far too much of on this planet -- plastic bottles. Learning how to grow a vertical onion garden is a very simple process. This “do it yourself” project of growing onions vertically in a bottle is so easy, in fact, that you very likely have the necessary items to accomplish it just lying around the house. The first thing that you need for growing onions vertically in a bottle is -- you guessed it, a bottle. A run of the mill 5-liter plastic bottle to be exact. You may have one waiting to be recycled, leftover from the kid's juice or your post-workout water. The next step is the most difficult part of this project and that isn't saying much. You'll need to cut holes in the plastic bottle; this is where the adult should do the work if done with children. Clean the bottle thoroughly, and for aesthetic purposes, remove the label. Cut the neck from the bottle so you have room to place the onion bulbs. Cut alternating holes around the bottle large enough to accommodate the bulb size. You can use scissors, a box cutter or utility knife, or a heated metal tool to melt holes into the plastic. Now begin layering onion bulbs and soil in a circular pattern, alternating between the two. Water the bulbs and replace the top of the bottle to help keep the soil and moisture in. Place the onion in a bottle on a sunny windowsill that gets plenty of sun during the day.

Windowsill Onion Care

Windowsill onion care only requires some consistent moisture and plenty of sun. Within days, your onions should sprout and green leaves will start to poke out of the holes. Soon you'll be ready to snip fresh onion greens or pluck the entire onion to embellish your soups, salads, and more.

Amy Grant

Amy Grant has been gardening for 30 years and writing for 15. A professional chef and caterer, Amy's area of expertise is culinary gardening.