What Are Mr. Big Peas – How To Grow Mr. Big Peas In Gardens

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big peas
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What are Mr. Big peas? As the name suggests, Mr. Big peas are big, fat peas with a tender texture and a gigantic, rich, sweet flavor. If you’re looking for a flavorful, easy-to-grow pea, Mr. Big may be just the ticket. Mr. Big peas are easy to pick, and they remain firm and fresh on the plant even if you’re a little late to the harvest. As an added bonus, Mr. Big peas tend to be resistant to powdery mildew and other diseases that often afflict pea plants. If your next question is how to grow Mr. Big peas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about growing Mr. Big peas in your vegetable garden.

Tips on Mr. Big Pea Care

Plant Mr. Big peas as soon as the soil can be worked in spring. In general, peas don’t do well when temperatures exceed 75 degrees (24 C.). Allow 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5 cm.) between each seed. Cover the seeds with about 1 ½ inches (4 cm.) of soil. Rows should be 2 to 3 feet (61-91.5 cm.) apart. Watch for seeds to germinate in 7 to 10 days. Water Mr. Big pea plants as needed to keep the soil moist but never soggy. Increase watering slightly when the peas begin to bloom. Provide a trellis or other type of support when the vines begin growing. Otherwise, the vines will sprawl across the ground. Keep weeds in check, as they will draw moisture and nutrients from the plants. However, be careful not to disturb Mr. Big’s roots. Harvest Mr. Big peas as soon as the peas have filled out. Although they will keep on the vine for a few days, the quality is best if you harvest them before they reach full size. Harvest peas even if they’re old and shriveled, as leaving them on the vine will prevent production of new peas.

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