How To Pick Radish And When Do I Harvest Radishes

How To Pick Radish And When Do I Harvest Radishes

By: Kathee Mierzejewski
Image by Andy Wright

Whenever you plant a garden, it isn’t complete unless you grow some root vegetables, and one of the most popular is the radish. Radishes are a cool season vegetable. They mature quickly, continue to mature after being harvested, and are quite easy to grow. Let’s look at how to pick radish.

Radishes prefer sunshine and moist, fertile soil. They will do well in the country in a large garden or even in a small city space. There are some early varieties that do best in the spring when the soil and air are still cool. There are also some late maturing varieties that do best in the summer. These can also be planted in late summer to yield a fall crop. Finally, there is a winter radish variety that can be sown in mid to late summer and will yield a late fall crop.

When Do I Harvest Radishes?

When to pick radishes depends on the variety. If you like them a lot, hopefully you planted several different varieties. When you harvest radish, be sure you are harvesting radishes that are ready; wait for them to be of a usable size. This means harvesting radishes should be done before the root is 1 inch in diameter. This is especially true for the early varieties.

Harvesting radishes should be done early because the longer you leave them in the ground, the more spongy and hot they become. They are better in salads the younger they are.

If you are wondering when to pick radishes you planted later in the summer, the rules differ. When to pick radishes you planted in late summer usually occurs in the fall. These later varieties are slower to develop so they can be left in the ground longer. Further, they do grow larger than the earlier varieties without becoming spongy and hot. When you harvest radish that has been planted later, let them get a little bigger before plucking them.

How to Pick Radish

When you harvest radish, you should pull the plant straight up out of the ground so you don’t disturb those that are not quite ready. Hopefully, you thinned the crop early on so that you don’t have any disappointingly thin radishes to deal with.

So you see, radishes can be planted and then enjoyed all spring, summer and fall long. They are great in salads and pasta dishes. That’s all there is to it. Pick them and enjoy.

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