Information About Rutabagas

Tips For Growing And Planting Rutabaga

Growing rutabagas is not much different from growing a turnip. They are a cross between the turnip and the cabbage plant. To learn how to grow rutabaga in the garden, read this article.

Common Rutabaga Problems: Learn About Rutabaga Pests And Disease

It’s inevitable that problems pop up in the garden now and then. To alleviate the majority of rutabaga plant issues, it helps to become familiar with common pests or diseases affecting these plants. This article can help.

Harvesting Rutabaga And How To Store Rutabaga Grown In Garden

Rutabaga is harvested during fall and makes a great crop for winter storage. Preserving rutabagas requires proper harvesting and storing. Get tips for harvesting and storing rutabagas in this article.