Information About Salsify

What Is Scorzonera Root: How To Grow Black Salsify Plants

If you haunt the local farmers market, you will no doubt end up finding something there that you have never eaten. An example of this might be scorzonera root, also known as black salsify. What is scorzonera root and how do you grow black salsify? Click here.

Harvesting Salsify: Information On Harvesting And Storing Salsify

Salsify is grown primarily for its roots. These roots don’t store well and, for most growers, harvesting salsify as it is needed solves these storage problems. Learn how and when to harvest salsify root here.

Salsify Care – How To Grow Salsify Plant

The salsify plant is an old fashioned vegetable. Growing salsify as a garden plant is fun and unusual. Planting the vegetable is easy. Take a look at what is required to grow salsify in this article.