Information About Shallots

Tips For Growing Shallots

One of the easiest members of the onion family to grow, shallots mature faster and require less space than their counterparts. Growing shallots in your garden is very easy. Look at how to grow shallots in this article.

Planting Shallot Sets: How To Grow Shallot Sets

Shallots grow easily in the kitchen garden, either by seed or more often grown from sets. Planting your own shallot sets is a cost effective way to enjoy them. Ok, so what are shallot sets? Read here to learn more.

Harvesting Shallots: When Is It Time To Harvest A Shallot Plant

Shallots are mild flavored and taste like a combination between onion and garlic. To get the most of your shallot crop, it’s important to the best time for harvesting shallots in the garden. Learn more here.