Squash Arch Ideas – Learn To Make A DIY Squash Arch

DIY Squash Arch
squash arch
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If you grow squash in your backyard, you know what a happy mess of squash vines can do to your garden beds. Squash plants grow on strong, long vines that can crowd out your other veggie crops in short order. A squash arch can help you solve those problems and serve as a focal point in your garden too. Read on for information on squash arch ideas and tips on how to build a squash arch yourself.

What is a Squash Arch?

It’s not easy to grow squash vertically. Like snap peas, these veggies are heavy. Even a load of zucchini can take down a small trellis, and winter squash is even heavier.

That’s why it’s time to consider a DIY squash arch. What is a squash arch? Similar to a cattle panel trellis, it’s an arch made of PVC piping and fencing tough enough to bear the load of a productive squash plant.

Squash Arch Ideas

It may be possible to buy a squash arch in commerce, but DIY costs less and isn’t difficult to construct. You can build it to suit the dimensions of your own vegetable garden and tailor its strength to the type of squash (summer or winter) you plan to grow.

You construct the framework out of PVC piping and metal fencing. Figure out the dimensions once you decide where to put the arch. You’ll need to make it long enough to bridge your garden space and high enough to hold the vine and veggies well above the ground. Consider how wide you want it too, keeping in mind that it will shade the garden bed beneath.

How to Build a Squash Arch

Cut the pieces of PVC piping to fit the space. If necessary, attach several pieces of piping with special PVC glue or use PVS pipe attachments. Pouring hot water into the pipes will make them flexible and allow you to bend them into the arch you want.

After you get the PVC pipes in place, attach wire fencing between them. Use a gauge fencing that provides the strength you need for whatever you are growing. Attach the wire with zip ties or pieces of wire.

If you want to paint the arch, do so before you plant the squash. Once everything is in place, plant seedlings and direct the vines up the arch. In time, it will fill the entire area and the squash vine will be high above the ground, getting the sunshine it needs.

Teo Spengler

Teo Spengler has been gardening for 30 years. She is a docent at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Her passion is trees, 250 of which she has planted on her land in France.