Information About Tomatillos

Growing Tomatillo Plants In Your Garden

If you've ever seen one, you probably wonder, "What is a tomatillo?" Tomatillo plants are native to Mexico. Read this article to learn more about these plants and get tips for growing tomatillos in the garden.

Tomatillo Pruning: How To Prune Tomatillo Plants

“Can I prune a tomatillo plant?” This is a common question among many new tomatillo growers. Learn more about the support and pruning of tomatillos in the garden by reading the article that follows.

Empty Tomatillo Husks – Why Are There No Tomatillo Fruit In Husk

When all goes well, tomatillos are hugely prolific, and just a couple of plants can provide plenty of fruit for the average family. But what happens when husks are empty? Find out in this article.

Harvesting Tomatillo Fruits: How And When To Harvest Tomatillos

Growing and harvesting tomatillo fruits will enhance your culinary range and provide nutrients and variety to your diet. But when and how do you harvest tomatillos from your garden? Find out in this article.