Azoychka Tomato Information: Growing Azoychka Tomatoes In The Garden

Azoychka Tomatoes In Plastic Bin
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Growing Azoychka tomatoes is a good choice for any gardener who prizes all the different varieties of tomatoes. This one can be a little more challenging to find, but it is worth the effort. These are productive, reliable plants that will give you tasty, gold tomatoes.

Azoychka Tomato Information

Azoychka beefsteak tomatoes are heirlooms from Russia. The plants are regular-leaf, indeterminate, and open pollinated. They produce abundantly, up to 50 tomatoes per plant and are early producers, often done before the first frost. The tomatoes are yellow, round but slightly flattened, and grow to about 10 to 16 ounces (283.5-454 grams). Azoyhka tomatoes have a sweet, citrus-like flavor that is well-balanced with acidity.

How to Grow an Azoychka Tomato Plant

If you manage to get some seeds for this heirloom tomato, growing it in your garden will be very rewarding. It is an easy tomato to grow because it is reliably productive. Even in a season when other tomato plants struggle, the Azoychka is usually just fine. Azoychka tomato care is much like how you would care for your other tomato plants. Find a spot in the garden with plenty of sun, give it rich soil, and water it regularly. Stake or use a tomato cage to let your plant grow tall and stay stable, with fruits off the ground. Compost in the soil is a good idea, but you can use fertilizer instead if you don’t have any. Use mulch to help with water retention, to prevent splash back that can cause disease, and to keep weeds down around the tomatoes. The Azoychka plant will grow to about 4 feet (1 m.) tall. Space multiple plants about 24 to 36 inches (61-91 cm.) apart. Like other heirlooms, these tend to have natural resistance to diseases, but it is still important to watch out for early signs of any infections or pests. Azoychka is a fun heirloom to try, but it isn’t common. Look for seeds at exchanges or search online for them.

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