Staking Tomato Plants - Find The Best Way To Stake Tomatoes

Gardener Staking Tomato Plants In The Garden
staking tomatoes
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Staking tomato plants is an excellent way to improve the quality of the tomatoes you will harvest and helps to keep the tomato plants healthier. Finding the best way to stake tomatoes depends on a few factors in your garden. Keep reading to learn more about three common ways to stake tomato plants.

The Tomato Cage

A tomato cage is probably the most common way to stake tomatoes off the ground. Frequently, people purchase a tomato cage at their local super or hardware store. These tomato cages are convenient but are rarely adequate support for a full grown tomato plant. Instead, consider investing in a homemade tomato cage made from chicken wire or concrete reinforcement wire. The tomato cage method for staking tomatoes is the best way to stake tomatoes in a medium to large size garden with plenty of storage space. It also allows the plants to grow without having to prune the tomatoes.

Tomato Stakes

The "original" way to stake tomatoes involves tying the tomato plant to a stake or stick stuck in the ground. Tomato stakes are normally made of wood, bamboo, or plastic and you can now find spiral "self-supporting" tomato stakes at hardware stores and nurseries. This method is the easiest of the three methods to start, but requires the most effort to maintain. Plants grown on tomato stakes must be checked daily during active growth and tied to the stake as they grow. The gardener must also make sure the tomatoes are tied securely enough so that the weight of the fruit won't pull it down, but not so tightly that the plant would be damaged. You must make sure the stake is tall enough to accommodate the full grown size of the plant as well. This method is the best way to stake tomatoes in all size gardens and does particularly well for container grown tomatoes where space is limited. Tomato plants do best with this method if the tomatoes are pruned to grow on a single stem.

Tomatoes on Strings

Growing tomatoes on strings is a relatively new method that has seen increased popularity in small farming operations. It involves tying the tomato at the base of the plant and then to an overhead crossbar. The tomato plant is then trained up the string as it grows. Like with tomato stakes, the plants must be checked daily during active growth, but the taut string provides just enough tension to support a fruit-laden tomato plant without being so tight that it damages the plant. Growing tomatoes on strings is the best way to stake tomatoes in a garden that wants to make the most use of limited space. Tomatoes can be easier to train if they are pruned, but this isn't absolutely necessary as string can be tied to any additional branches that grow. Whether you use a tomato cage, tomato stakes, or grow tomatoes on strings, one thing is certain. Staking tomato plants will improve your chances of success.

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