Blossom Set Spray Info: How Do Tomato Set Sprays Work

Tomato Plant Flowers
Using tomato set spray
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Homegrown tomatoes are one of the best aspects of creating a garden. Even those without access to large spaces for crops are able to plant and enjoy tomatoes. Whether choosing to grow a hybrid, or one of the hundreds of heirloom varieties offered, the taste and texture of homegrown tomatoes are far more superior to those of their grocery store counterparts. With such high expectations, it is easy to see why some growers may become increasingly frustrated when their tomato plants struggle or fail completely to set fruit.

Tomato fruit set occurs when the flowers of the tomato plant are pollinated. This pollination usually happens with the help of wind or insects. However, sometimes the conditions for pollination are not conducive to fruit set. Luckily, for gardeners whose tomato plants are struggling, there are some options, like tomato hormone spray, to help encourage tomato fruiting.

What is Tomato Set Spray?

Failure to set fruit commonly occurs early in the growing season when temperatures are still cool. Humidity is another common culprit that causes poor distribution of pollen within the flower. Tomato set spray is a product that helps produce tomatoes in plants that have not naturally been pollinated.

Comprised of plant hormones, the spray tricks the plant into producing fruit. While the spray can be used in the home garden, it is especially helpful to commercial growers who wish to increase their fruit yields early in the growing season.

The concept of blossom set spray may seem too good to be true. Many gardeners may be left to ask, “Do tomato set sprays work?” These sprays do help in the production of tomato fruits, however, there may be some complications. Since the development of the fruit is due to the hormonal enlargement of the ovule (and not pollination), any seeds produced from the fruit will likely not be viable. Additionally, some fruits may be stunted or misshapen.

How to Use Tomato Set Sprays

When using any type of blossom set spray, it is best to carefully read the package instructions and use as directed per label requirements. In general, the sprays are extremely easy to use. Misting the tomato flowers as they begin to open should help to encourage the formation of tomato fruits and establish earlier harvests of tomato crops.

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