Yellow Tomato Variety Info - Growing Tomatoes With Yellow Fruit

Small Yellow Tomatoes
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Do tomatoes with yellow fruit taste different? It's obvious that a yellow tomato variety can add color to salads and relish trays, but does color matter when it comes to flavor? The answer is yes. Plus, color affects not only the taste of the tomato, but also its nutritional content.

Differences in Tomatoes that are Yellow 

In general, yellow tomatoes are less acidic and have a sweeter taste than red ones. This flavor balance is due to the absence of lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes their red coloration. Tomatoes that are yellow might be a better choice for those following a low-acid diet, but the lycopene found in red tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant linked to many health benefits.

Does this mean we should forego growing yellow tomato plants? Absolutely not! Tomatoes with yellow fruit are higher in niacin, folate, sodium and phosphorus than their red counterparts. Like other colors of tomatoes, yellow varieties also provide adequate amounts of vitamin C and potassium. 

Yellow tomatoes are a healthy choice and when combined with other colors of tomatoes, can up the visual appeal and nutritional value of many culinary dishes. Additionally, each yellow tomato variety can have a slightly different flavor, including some with a fruity palate not found in traditional red tomatoes. 

Yellow-Tomato Growing Guidelines

If you're embarking on a yellow tomato-growing project this year, it's good to know that cultivating yellow tomato plants is no different than growing red ones. They require the same basic care and are susceptible to the same pests and problems. 

Additionally, finding a suitable yellow tomato variety is not difficult. There are many varieties and types available to match your climate, disease-resistant needs and personal preferences. Plus, many of the popular types of red tomatoes have corresponding yellow varieties. If you're not sure which yellow tomato variety to try, consider one of these popular choices:

  • Dr. Wyche's Yellow – Beefsteak-type heirloom variety with sweet flavor and large fruits. (80 day, indeterminate)
  • Golden Honey Bunch – Hybrid grape tomato with a honey sweet flavor. (60 day, indeterminate)
  • Golden Jubilee – Large globe-style heirloom tomato with few seeds and mild flavor. (80 day, indeterminate)
  • Gold Nugget – Heirloom cherry tomato which produces an abundance of 1 inch () fruit. (56 day, determinate)
  • Italian Gold – Roma-type, heirloom paste tomato with 5 oz. meaty, sweet fruit. (90 day, determinate)
  • Lemon Boy – Bright yellow, hybrid with medium-sized, round fruit and excellent flavor. (72 day, indeterminate)
  • Orange King – Medium-sized, heirloom tomato with a sweet, meaty flesh that's perfect for slicing. (70 day, determinate)
  • Sun Gold – Popular hybrid, cherry tomato which ripens to a golden orange hue. (65 day, indeterminate)
  • Sun Ray – Round, meaty, globe-shaped heirloom variety with mild flavor. (75 day, indeterminate)
  • Yellow Bell – Heirloom, yellow paste tomato with a rich, sweet flavor that's perfect for making yellow ketchup. (60 day, indeterminate)
  • Yellow Brandywine – An heirloom, beef-steak type variety which produces large, meaty fruit. (90 day, indeterminate)
  • Yellow Pear – Heirloom, mini-pear variety which produces a multitude of bite-sized fruit. (75 day, indeterminate)
  • Yellow Riesentraube – Heirloom grape variety with a surprisingly big tomato flavor. (70 day, indeterminate)
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