Yellow Pear Tomato Info – Tips On Yellow Pear Tomato Care

Yellow Pear Tomato Plant
yellow pear tomatoes
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Learn about yellow pear tomatoes and you’ll be ready to grow a delightful new tomato variety in your vegetable garden. Choosing tomato varieties can be hard for a tomato lover with limited garden space, but this small, pear-shaped heirloom is a great option if you are looking for a quirky variety to eat fresh.

Yellow Pear Tomato Information

The yellow pear may be new to your garden this year, but it is an old, heirloom tomato. The name is descriptive, as this plant grows bright yellow tomatoes that are small and shaped like pears. They will grow to between one and two inches (2.5-5 cm.) in length when ripe. In addition to being tasty, colorful, and perfect tomatoes for snacking and salads, yellow pear plants are also desirable because they are productive. You can expect to get a steady and abundant supply throughout the summer.

Growing Yellow Pear Tomato Plants

Understanding proper yellow pear tomato care will help you grow thriving and productive vines. Start with your soil and make sure it is rich, using compost, or fertilizer to enrich it if necessary. The best results will come with slightly acidic soil. If you are starting your yellow pear tomato plants from seed, wait until they have grown four to six inches (10-15 cm.) tall and the danger of frost is gone before planting outside. Put your plants in a sunny spot and give them plenty of space, about 36 inches (1 m.) between each one. Water them regularly throughout the summer and provide fertilizer a couple of times. Use mulch to help retain water in the soil. Yellow pear tomato plants are indeterminate, which means they grow quite long vines, up to eight feet (2.5 m.). Make sure you have some support prepared for your plants so they don’t lie on the ground where they could rot or be more susceptible to pests. Expect to get ripe fruits ready to be picked about 70 or 80 days after starting your plants. The tomatoes are ready to harvest when they are completely yellow and easily come off the vine. Yellow pear tomato vines usually survive well into the fall, so expect to keep harvesting longer than you would with other varieties. These are tomatoes that are best enjoyed fresh, so be prepared to eat them as you harvest them. Use the tomatoes in salads, in party vegetable trays, or just as a snack, right off the vine.

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