Regrowing Vegetables In Water: Learn How To Root Vegetables In Water

Rooted Vegetables In Jars Of Water On A Windowsill
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I’m betting that a lot of you have grown an avocado pit. It was just one of those class projects that everyone seemed to do. How about growing a pineapple? What about vegetable plants? Regrowing vegetables in water is a cost effective and fun way to grow your own veggies. Of course, some of them grow better than others, but it’s still a neat experiment to grow windowsill plants form kitchen scraps. So what are the best plants to regrow vegetables? Read on to find out how to root vegetables in water.

How to Root Vegetables in Water

Regrowing vegetables in water is generally as easy as taking a portion of the veggie and suspending it in a glass or other container of water. The portion needed to regrow vegetables in water is usually a stem or the bottom (root end) of it. For example, you can regrow cilantro and basil from a sprig. Just place the stem of either herb in water in a sunny, warm area and wait for a few weeks until you see roots. Once you have a good healthy root system growing, plunk it in a container of soil or back out into the garden. Let’s revisit the aforementioned avocado just in case you haven’t tried to grow one from seed. Suspend the avocado seed over a container (toothpicks make a little sling to hold the seed up) and fill it with enough water to cover the lower portion of the seed. In about a month and half, you should have roots that are about 6 inches (15 cm.) long. Cut them to 3 inches (7.5 cm.) in length and wait for leaf emergence. When the leaves appear, plant the seed in the ground. How about the pineapple mentioned above? Cut the top off a pineapple. Eat the rest of the pineapple. Take the top and suspend it in a glass of water in a warm area in direct sunlight. Change the water every day. After a week or so, you should have roots and can plant your new pineapple. Keep in mind that it will probably take at least three years until you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, but it’s still fun. So what are some of the best plants to regrow from veggie cuttings?

Regrow Vegetables in Water

Plants that are tubers or roots themselves are easy to regrow in water. Examples of these are potatoes, sweet potatoes, and ginger. Cut the potatoes in half and suspend them over water in a sun filled window sill. The same with ginger root. Soon you will see roots begin to form. When the roots are 4 inches (10 cm.) long, plant into a pot of soil or out in the garden. Lettuce and celery regrow easily from their bases, the part where the roots were pared off. This usually goes into the compost anyway, so why not try to regrow this vegetable in water. Just place the root end into water, again in a sunny area. After about a week, you will see some roots and new leaves will begin to push up out of the crown of the celery. Let the roots grow a bit and then plant the new lettuce or celery. Bok choy and cabbage regrow easily in water as well. Lemongrass, green onions, and garlic can all be regrown in water. Just stick the root end into water and wait for roots to grow. See how easy it is? There is no excuse not to regrow vegetables in water. You will be saving plenty on your grocery bill with just a tiny bit of effort on your part. And you will end up with lots of lovely windowsill plants from kitchen scraps that you otherwise might have either composted, put down the disposal, or just plain thrown away.

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