Which Trees Will Best Suit Your Space

Just like you and me, all plants thrive when they’re most comfortable. So before you buy, plant, or grow a new tree, discover exactly what type of tree is best suited for you, your needs, and your space. To learn more, simply click below on the region where you live.

What Type of Tree Are You Looking for?

The first question to ask before buying, planting, or growing a tree is: What kind of tree do I want? This seemingly simple question can actually be a tough one to answer. Some people may be looking for specific trees and shrubs to accent their yard or garden, while others may want a fruit tree or plant in their backyard to grow their own snacks. Of course, others may be interested in large shade trees or beautiful flowering trees that block the sun and keep them cool in warmer months. So which type of tree suits you, your needs, and your space?

Cherries on a tree

Fruit Trees

One of the most common types of tree purchased, planted, and grown all across the country is a fruit tree. And while some, like citrus trees, grow better in warmer regions and others, like apple trees, grow better in cooler regions, they all share one common purpose — to grow fruit!

Start your tree growing journey here by learning more about fruit trees.

Shade Trees

While shade trees are great for blocking the sun and keeping you cool, did you know that shade trees can also have a huge impact on your monthly utility bills? It’s true! A well positioned tree can actually reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by 20% to 50%.

Get the know how on growing shade trees here, and start saving money in no time.

A table, chairs, and hammock on a shady lawn
A row of flowering crape myrtles

Flowering Trees

Most flowering trees can serve multiple purposes. They’re both beautiful additions to your landscape and can actually provide a good amount of shade. Many fruit trees hit the trifecta, too, providing fruit, shade, and beauty.

Learn more about making flowering trees a focal point in your garden here.


Evergreens, particularly arborvitae, not only make exceptional privacy screening and fencing for your home, but they also add a year-round touch of green to any space. While nearly all trees and plants are subject to the changes of the season, evergreens, with proper care and maintenance, stay true to their name no matter what the weather brings.

Discover all the ways to incorporate evergreen trees in your space here.

A row of arborvitae trees
A row of round boxwood shrubs


For the most part, shrubs fall into two categories: ornamental and privacy. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t both vital to creating the perfect outdoor space – in fact, they very much are. All across the United States, shrubs can be found lining lawns, gardens, homes, buildings, and even highways and small side streets. They’re actually among the most common plants grown in America.

Get the know how on shrubs and how to use them nearly anywhere, here.

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