"Your Complete Tree Guide For The Northeast" written over a well tended garden

Which Trees Will Suit Your Needs & Your Space

The first question you should ask before buying, planting, or growing a tree is: What kind of tree do I want? Usually, the answer is pretty tricky. Some people may be looking for specific trees and shrubs to accent their landscape or garden, while others may look at fruit trees because of the benefits they can provide. Of course, others may want large shade trees to keep them cool during the warmer months. So which type of tree suits you?

We collected information from up and down the East Coast and put together a list of some of the most popular trees bought, planted, and grown from Bangor to Baltimore, Philadelphia to Providence, New York to Nantucket, and just about every place in-between.

Cherries growing on a small tree

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree often refers to two different types of plants, one group with edible fruits and an ornamental group – like the ones lining much of Washington, D.C. However, outside of our national’s capital, it’s the edible varieties that are most commonly grown, with the Bing Cherry Tree being the most common among them.

Get the know how on growing a Bing Cherry Tree here.


It stands to reason that in the Northeastern United States, the birthplace of suburbia and perhaps the most populated region of the country, various Arborvitae are among the most popular trees and shrubs bought and grown. Whether they’re perfectly accenting a suburban lawn or garden or providing privacy from neighbors, they truly are a common sight to see across most Northeastern neighborhoods.

Learn more about growing and caring for Arborvitae here.

A row of arborvitae trees prune into ovals
Apples growing on a branch

Honeycrisp Apple

While Apple Trees are pretty common in most of the Northeast, it is interesting that among the most popular varieties bought and grown in these parts is actually the Honeycrisp Apple, which has its roots in the Midwest. Developed at the University of Minnesota in the 1970s and 80s, these apples have quickly become popular around the world, and are steadily among the most popular apple trees grown throughout the Northeast.

Get the know how on growing a Honeycrisp Apple tree here.

Growing Trees Indoors

When most of us think about trees, we probably first think about backyards, front lawns, maybe parks or forests, but what you probably don’t think about is indoor trees. There are actually a ton of trees that make for wonderful houseplants. Especially in the Northeast, indoors might actually be the only way for you to grow certain types of trees.

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