From Maine to Maryland, Explore Our Complete Guide to Trees in the Northeast

Whether you have a suburban lawn in Pennsylvania or a balcony in New York City, get the know on buying and growing trees that suit your needs.

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Which Trees Will Suit Your Needs & Your Space

Regardless of whether or not you live in Maine or Delaware, Maryland or New Hampshire, Massachusetts or New Jersey, or any place in-between, the first question you should ask before buying, planting, or growing a tree in your region is: What kind of tree do I want?

Usually, the answer is pretty tricky. Some of you may be looking for specific trees and shrubs to accent your landscape or garden, while others may look for fruit trees to provide the occasional snack. Of course, others may want large shade trees to keep them cool during the warmer months.

So which type of tree suits you? Click the image below to learn more about trees that meet your needs.

The Most Popular Trees for the Northeast

We collected information from the Northeast, up and down the East Coast, and put together a list of top three most popular trees bought, planted, and grown from Bangor to Baltimore, Philadelphia to Providence, New York to Nantucket, and just about every place in-between.

Growing Trees Indoors

When most of us think about trees, we probably first think about backyards, front lawns, maybe parks or forests, but what you probably don’t think about is indoor trees. There are actually a ton of trees that make for wonderful houseplants. Especially in the Northeast, indoors might actually be the only way for you to grow these types of trees.

Looking for a Different Region?

Perhaps our tree guide for the Northeast isn't exactly what you're looking for. No worries, we've collected similar information for those of you who live more in the Midwest region of the U.S. or in the Southeast.

If you're looking for information on gardening specific to your state or even town, try exploring our USDA Planting Zone page to see exactly which zone you're in.