Learn More About Sustainable Gardening

Whether it’s planting native plants, composting, creating a pollinator garden, or going completely organic, every step gardeners take towards sustainability has a profound impact on the world around them. So if you’re interested in sustainable gardening but don’t know where to start, we invite you to explore all of the information below.

Going Green Starts in the Garden

Each and every one of us can play a key role in keeping our earth happy and healthy. Whether it’s reducing waste, recycling, or even just walking to work instead of driving, it all starts with taking that first step. For many of us, that first step starts in the garden. Below are some earth conscious gardening practices you may want to try.

Earth Conscious Gardening

Environmentally friendly gardens start with a conscious decision to lower your carbon footprint, reduce chemical use, and go back to natural ways of maintaining your landscape.

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Sustainable Victory Garden

When planting an edible garden for climate change, we encourage gardeners to start by adopting as many carbon-capturing practices as possible.

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Permaculture gardens combine various gardening techniques and practices into one low-maintenance, self-contained, and productive ecosystem.

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Want to Learn Even More About Sustainability?

Discover more about sustainable gardening methods from experts in the field. From creating butterfly gardens to demystifying permaculture, the all new Gardening Know How Learning Channel is the go-to source for gardeners of all skill levels looking to step their garden game up. Click the button below to find out more.

Go Green! Organic Gardening & Eco-Friendly Practices

What does it actually mean to be organic? How do you make sure your garden is eco-friendly? Below you’ll find detailed information on organic gardening and other eco-friendly methods for growing a safer, healthier garden.


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