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What’s the secret to growing the garden of your dreams? Well, we like to think it’s the Know How. That’s why whatever your dream garden is – a bountiful vegetable garden, a houseplant sanctuary, a bright and bold flower bed, or a backyard oasis – Gardening Know How has a garden guide that’s perfect for you.

Our guides cover everything from community gardening and sustainability to houseplant propagation and DIY projects from the garden, so whether you’re a master gardener or a beginner, we’re making it easy to find the Know How that you’re looking for.


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The Gardening Know How Guide to Houseplants is among our most popular guide for gardeners of all experience levels. In addition to a wealth of information and inspiration, this guide also includes access to every GKH houseplant article ever created! If you’re growing a houseplant haven, this is the guide for you.

Click here to visit our guide to all things houseplants.


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Get the Know How on everything from where to plant your veggies to when and how to water them, plus access to our complete archive of vegetable-specific articles. If your passion is vegetable gardening, this is the guide for you.

Click here to visit our Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening.


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Whether you’re in search of the Know How on fruit trees or shade trees, trees for privacy or trees for year-round beauty, our Complete Guide to Growing and Caring for Trees is your go-to resource. We’ve even broken down which trees will be best for you based on where you live!

Click here to start exploring our tree guides.


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Can you really call it a garden without flowers? With nearly a half-million flowering plants in the world, navigating ornamentals can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve simplified it. Beyond the basics, our Ornamental Guide includes access to all of the information we have on the most popular flowers in the world.

Click here to access all things ornamental.


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When it comes to starting a plant from seed, there are just so many things to take into consideration. That’s why we put together a complete guide to seed starting. This seed starting guide is not only perfect for beginners, but it’s also helpful for veteran seed starters as well.

Click here to get the Know How on seed starting.


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Want the Know How to bring pollinators into your garden? With our pollinator guide you’ll learn all about bees, beneficial bugs, and the plants that bring them all into your backyard. If you’re hoping to give your backyard ecosystem a boost, this is the guide for you.

Click here to visit our guide to pollinators.

Seasonal Gardening

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Healthy Gardening

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