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Contemporary Style Garden
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The word “contemporary” gets quite a work out when talking about design. But what is contemporary and how does the style translate into the garden? Contemporary garden design is described as eclectic and comprised of a hodge-podge of oddly complementary items. This design tactic allows for unique freedom and expression in the landscape. Modern contemporary garden ideas can help you imprint your style in the exterior home environment.

What is a Contemporary Garden?

Contemporary design relies upon simple, clean lines but can encompass one’s personality. These traits work well in garden design. But what is a contemporary garden? A contemporary garden should have a relaxed and homey feel. It brings the outside in and provides a living space that reflects the owner and invites conversation while providing a modern look.

When we talk about contemporary garden design, think sleek but unique. It offers an opportunity to bring in personality while also keeping with a present-day feel. The concept allows for clean lines as well as intimate artifacts. In the garden, such a plan will meld not only the plants but paths, patios, decks, and other structures.

It also can include the type of outdoor furniture and other decor items. Even the lighting helps set the tone and feel of the garden. The actual landscaping should use plants that are low maintenance but have a simple impact.

How to Make a Contemporary Garden

Start with considerations of color, lines, and use of space. For garden beds, straight, slightly softened edges set the tone. Utilize plants that will not go wild or become unruly, and will maintain a uniform appearance.

Mulches and mosses provide a tidy appearance around the plant specimens. A patio, arbor, pergola, or even paths are hardscape items that help enhance the contemporary feel. Any water features should be modern and simple.

Once it comes time to select patio furniture, rely on neutral tones and straight but gently rounded borders.

Contemporary Garden Ideas

Because contemporary is synonymous with “of the moment,” its design elements vary by decade. The style is comprised of modern, art deco, tradition, and future styles. This is why it may be a hodge-podge, but should also retain the smooth, clean lines of modern and futuristic concepts.

Once you have the base of the garden lined out, it is important to personalize the space with furniture, candles, solar or electric lights, sleek containerized plants, simple water features, and even classic fire pits.

The goal is to make the space appealing and functional, but also simple enough that caring for the plants and keeping the furniture and other elements tidy is a breeze.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.