Gravel Garden Ideas – Ways To Garden With Gravel In The Landscape

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Garden With Gravel Landscape
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Creating unique and interesting spaces that are excellent for socializing or inviting to native wildlife is easier than one may think. Choosing hardscape materials is just one key aspect of developing the look and purpose of a space. In general, hardscaping refers to the manner in which homeowners use concrete, stones, and other non-plant structures.

While attention grabbing boulders and water features is one idea, implementing various types of gravel gardens is another excellent way to enhance your space. Read on for some easy gravel garden ideas you can try out yourself.

Benefits of Gravel Garden Beds

When it comes to ways to garden with gravel, the options are limitless. Throughout the design process, homeowners will need to consider the size and color of stones to be used. While areas like driveways may be better suited for larger gravel, smaller stones may be optimal for areas that receive high amounts of foot traffic.

Gravel garden designs can range in both style and use, but it is imperative that those aspects are considered carefully during the planning phase of the project.

Gravel garden beds can be an extremely cost-effective option for those looking to add dimension on a tight budget. Not only are the gravel garden beds visually appealing but they can also assist in conserving water, regulating temperature, and preventing the growth of unwanted weeds. Many decorative gravel options also make them an appealing alternative to traditional mulches.

Gravel stones are durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, properly executed gravel garden designs can help drain and remove excess water from spaces. Gravel garden spaces are ideal in that they offer much more flexibility. Unlike more permanent hardscapes, gravel can easily be moved and changed. This is especially helpful for those who continue to add new plantings or structures to their garden.

Gravel Garden Ideas

Here are some ideas on varying types of gravel gardens you can implement into the landscape:

  • Add some decorative gravels in various colors to create a unique patio surface.
  • Using gravels on a driveway is popular, but to stand out from everyone else, consider using a different color or perhaps even a larger size (rather than the standard crushed type).
  • Create whimsical garden paths that include flower shapes made from larger, colored stones.
  • Use various sizes and shapes to create an interesting looking rock garden.
  • Surround a small garden pond with gravels.
  • For those with smaller lawns, substitute these areas with various types of gravel instead of grass.

These tough stones will blend seamlessly into a wide range of home styles. From modern to farmhouse, the various ways to garden with gravel allow for easy-to-maintain garden spaces that homeowners are sure to enjoy for many years to come.

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