Choosing Decorative Stones – Different Landscaping Stones For The Garden

Landscaping Stones In Garden
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Various types of decorative stone can help home gardeners add design appeal to yard spaces. Whether creating formal outdoor sitting area or a more relaxed walkway to the home, selecting the correct garden stone varieties can help you execute the vision you have for your landscape.

About Garden Stone Varieties

Choosing decorative stones is crucial when planning outdoor hardscapes or when xeriscaping. Because they come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures, different varieties of rock are best suited to different uses. When choosing types of decorative stone, it's important to consider the purpose of the stone. While some stones are more suited for high traffic areas, others may be best used as accents in flower beds or in borders.

Using landscaping stones is also a great way to add a creative touch in your yard in the form of water features that utilize rocks or even with the use of larger accents.

Types of Decorative Stones

In general, different landscaping stones tend to be divided into categories according to their size and shape. Smaller varieties like gravel or pea gravel are affordable and have many applications in the landscape. Stone products range in color, but offer landscapers a useful uniform size.

If you are looking for larger stones, you may want to use varieties such as lava rock or river rock. Lava rocks come in several colors, usually ranging from red to black. These porous stones are rough in texture, and can offer attractive visual contrast when used in the landscape. River rocks differ greatly from lava rocks. Though relatively the same size, river rocks are smooth and rounded stones. These stones are ideal for use as edging in flower beds or as edging along walkways.

One of the most common uses for landscaping stones is in creating garden patios or paths. Larger flat stones are ideal for this task. Whether planning a traditional look or one that is more natural, selecting large pavers will achieve this. Flagstone, limestone, and sandstone all offer different attributes for patios or paths.

Boulders are also commonly incorporated into home landscapes. While purchasing boulders may be more expensive than many other types of rock, they can definitely serve as a beautiful focal point in your yard spaces.

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