Stone Walls For The Garden: Stone Wall Options For Your Landscape

stone wall
stone wall
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Stone walls for the garden add an elegant charm. They are practical, offer privacy and division lines, and are a long-lasting alternative to fences. If you are considering putting one in, make sure you understand the differences between stone walls of various types. Know your options so you can choose the best one for your outdoor space.

Why Choose Stone Wall Options

A stone wall will not be your cheapest option for the garden or yard. However, what you lose in money you will make up for in a number of other ways. For one, a stone wall is extremely durable. They can literally last thousands of years, so you can expect that you’ll never have to replace it.

A stone wall is also much more attractive than other options. Fences can look nice, depending on the materials, but stones look more natural in the environment. You can also achieve different looks with a stone wall, from a rustic pile to a streamlined, modern-looking wall.

Stone Wall Types

Until you really look into it, you may never realize just how many different types of stone walls are available on the market. Landscaping or landscape architecture companies can essentially craft any type of wall you want. Listed here are a few more common options:

  • Single freestanding wall: This is a simple type of stone wall, which you could create yourself. It is simply a row of stones laid out and piled up to the desired height.
  • Double freestanding wall: Giving the former a little more structure and sturdiness, if you create two lines of piled stones, it is called a double freestanding wall.
  • Laid wall: A laid wall may be single or double, but it is characterized by being set in a more orderly, planned fashion. The stones are selected or even shaped to fit into certain spaces.
  • Mosaic wall: While the above walls can be made without mortar, a mosaic wall is designed decoratively. Stones that look different are arranged like a mosaic and mortar is needed to hold them in place.
  • Veneer wall: This wall is made of other material, like concrete. A veneer of flat stones is added to the outside to make it look like it’s made of stones.

Different stone wall types can also be classified by the actual stone. A flagstone wall, for instance, is made of stacked, thin flagstones. Other stones commonly used in walls are granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate.

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