Northeast Gardening – June Planting In The Northeast Region

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In the Northeast, gardeners are thrilled for June to arrive. While there is a lot of variety in climate from Maine all the way down to Maryland, this entire region finally enters summer and the growing season by June. 

Gardening in the Northeast

The Northeast starts in New England, generally considered to be Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. While this area may not warm up as quickly as the rest of the Northeast, the entire region is in full swing by June. 

Assuming you have been a good gardener and done the chores in the yard necessary for your region, late spring/early summer is the time to really play. June provides the double hit parade of longer days of sun and increased temperatures. 

  • June is a good time to feed anything that is already in the ground. Use a time release fertilizer to avoid burning plant roots and give gentle nutrients that will last for several months. 
  • Stake vines and veggies as needed and deadhead your flowers to encourage more and enhance the appearance of beds and containers. 
  • Mulch or top dress around vegetables to prevent weeds and conserve moisture. 
  • It isn't too late to plant in June, even by seed, and your efforts and care will result in a season of glorious flowers and bountiful veggies.

June Planting in the Northeast

If you are wondering what to plant in June in the Northeast, check out your local nurseries, which will have in-stock items ready for your zone. June 20 is the official start of summer, and June planting in the Northeast is all about vegetable gardening for a summer and fall harvest, but it's also a great time to install many bushes and perennials. 

You can still plant quick start annuals like zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, sunflowers, nasturtiums, and four o'clocks. Now is a good time to start perennials and biennials from seed. Prepare a bed in a protected spot from blazing sun and sow seed for next year's plants. Now is also a great time to get annuals and start window boxes and hanging baskets. Keep them well watered and you will have color all summer long.

Northeast Planting Guide for June in Zone 4

In the parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York that fall into Zone 4, you can start moving these transplants outdoors: 

These can be started outside from seed in June: 

Northeast Gardening and Planting in June in Zone 5

In the parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York that fall into Zone 5, as well as parts of Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania, these transplants are ready to go outside:

Start these seeds outside right now: 

What to Plant in June in Zone 6

A pretty large portion of the Northeast falls into Zone 6, including Connecticut and Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. In these areas you can start transplanting: 

Direct seed these veggies outside in June: 

Planting Guide for the Northeast in June in Zone 7

The rest of the Northeast, including most of Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland are in Zone 7, and experience very nice, warm weather by June. Most of your planting has already been done for the summer harvest, but remember to wait for July or August for most veggies planted for a fall harvest. 

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