West Coast Gardening: Things To Do In April In The Western Region

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April comes dancing into our gardens as fruit trees put on their frilly blossoms and bulbs turn into bright flowers. The gardening to-do list for April can be a long one, especially for those living in the mild western region. Some would argue that the door to West Coast gardening opens in April. If you are making a list of your April gardening tasks, we are here to help.

April in the Western Region

The areas included in the western region of the country, like the states of California and Nevada, don’t look alike by any means. Some, like cities near the coast, may never see frost. Others, just a few miles inland, get frost but no snow, while still farther east, roads may be closed because of snowfall.

Since April in the western region includes such a range of climates, we’re going to focus on West Coast gardening. In this coastal region, winters are mild and summers come early. That makes for a lengthy gardening to-do list in spring.

April Gardening Tasks

April gardening tasks in this mild weather area include watering, feeding, and generally tending to perennials that made it through the winter months. Given that the area falls in the higher plant hardiness zones, many of the plants in your yard might be perennials.

  • For these mature plants, you need to meet their immediate needs. Irrigating is important during dry periods since many of the deciduous plants have started their spring growth. Going without water can kill the new shoots.
  • You can plant root crops like beets and potatoes in the veggie garden in April. It’s an in-between season, so you still have time to put in a few cool season crops if you get them in at the very beginning of the month. Harvest mature cool weather crops.
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