Zone 4 Roses – Learn About Growing Roses In Zone 4 Gardens

zone 4 rose
zone 4 rose
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Many of us love roses but not everyone has the ideal climate for growing them. That said, with adequate protection and proper selection, it is totally possible to have beautiful rosebushes in zone 4 regions.

Growing Roses in Zone 4

There are several rosebushes that are not only listed for zone 4 and lower, but many that have been tested to make sure they are hardy enough to grow nicely there. The Rugosa rosebushes developed by F.J Grootendorst are hardy enough for even zone 2b. Another would be the rosebushes of Mr. Georges Bugnet, who brought us the wonderful Therese Bugnet rose.

When looking for roses for zone 4, take a look at the Agriculture Canada Explorer and Parkland series, as they are known for their hardiness. There are also the Dr. Griffith Buck rosebushes, commonly referred to as “Buck Roses.”

Roses hardy to zone 4 also include “own root” roses, which tend to fair far better than the grafted roses. Some grafted roses can survive and do well; however, they must be protected well during the winter months. If you live in zone 4 or lower and desire to grow roses, you really need to do your homework and study the rosebushes you are considering. Check on any test growing programs they have been through to show their hardiness. Learning more about your roses will come in handy in getting the most success out of them.

Zone 4 Roses

Nurseries that are known to carry many of the hard-to-find species and old garden roses hardy to zone 4, and even zone 3, include High Country Roses in Denver, Colorado (USA) and Roses of Yesterday and Today, located in California (USA). Feel free to tell them that Stan ‘the Rose Man’ sent you their way.

Here is a listing of some rosebushes that should do well in zone 4 rose beds or garden:

  • Rosa J.F. Quadra
  • Rosa Rotes Meer
  • Rosa Adelaide Hoodless
  • Rosa Belle Poitevine
  • Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert
  • Rosa Capt. Samuel Holland
  • Rosa Champlain
  • Rosa Charles Albanel
  • Rosa Cuthbert Grant
  • Rosa Green Ice
  • Rosa Never Alone Rose
  • Rosa Grootendorst Supreme
  • Rosa Harison’s Yellow
  • Rosa Henry Hudson
  • Rosa John Cabot
  • Rosa Louise Bugnet
  • Rosa Marie Bugnet
  • Rosa Pink Grootendorst
  • Rosa Prairie Dawn
  • Rosa Reta Bugnet
  • Rosa Stanwell Perpetual
  • Rosa Winnipeg Parks
  • Rosa Golden Wings
  • Rosa Morden Amorette
  • Rosa Morden Blush
  • Rosa Morden Cardinette
  • Rosa Morden Centennial
  • Rosa Morden Fireglow
  • Rosa Morden Ruby
  • Rosa Morden Snowbeauty
  • Rosa Morden Sunrise
  • Rosa Nearly Wild
  • Rosa Prairie Fire
  • Rosa William Booth
  • Rosa Winchester Cathedral
  • Rosa Hope for Humanity
  • Rosa Country Dancer
  • Rosa Distant Drums

There are some nice zone 4 climbing rose varieties from David Austin Roses:

  • The Generous Gardener
  • Claire Austin
  • Teasing Georgia
  • Gertrude Jekyll
  • Other climbing roses for zone 4 would be:
  • Ramblin’ Red
  • Seven Sisters (a rambler rose that can be trained like a climber)
  • Aloha
  • America
  • Jeanne Lajoie
Stan V. Griep

Stan V. Griep contributed to Gardening Know How for many years. An American Rose Society Consulting Master Rosarian in the Rocky Mountain District, he served as Gardening Know How's in-house expert on all things roses.