Zone 6 Hardy Succulents – Selecting Succulent Plants For Zone 6

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Growing succulents in zone 6? Is that possible? We tend to think of succulents as plants for arid, desert climates, but there are a number of hardy succulents that tolerate chilly winters in zone 6, where temperatures can drop as low as -5 degrees F. (-21 C.). In fact, a few can survive punishing winter climates as far north as zone 3 or 4. Read on to learn about selecting and growing succulents in zone 6.

Succulent Plants for Zone 6

Northern gardeners have no shortage of beautiful succulent plants for zone 6. Here are a few examples of zone 6 hardy succulents:

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy – Grayish-green leaves and large, pink flowers that turn bronze in fall.

Sedum acre – A groundcover sedum plant with bright yellow-green blooms.

Delosperma cooperi ‘Trailing Ice Plant’ – A spreading groundcover with reddish-purple flowers.

Sedum reflexum ‘Angelina’ (Angelina stonecrop) – Groundcover with lime green foliage.

Sedum ‘Touchdown Flame – Lime green and burgundy-red foliage and creamy yellow flowers.

Delosperma Mesa Verde (Ice Plant) – Grayish green foliage and pinkish salmon blooms.

Sedum ‘Vera Jameson – Reddish purple leaves and pinkish blooms.

Sempervivum spp. (Hens-and-Chicks) – available in a huge variety of colors and textures.

Sedum spectabile ‘Meteor – Bluish green foliage and large pink blooms.

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor – Deep purple foliage and long-lasting, purple-pink flowers.

Opuntia ‘Compressa’ (Eastern Prickly Pear) – large, succulent, paddle-like pads with showy, bright yellow blooms.

Sedum ‘Frosty Morn’ (Stonecrop -Variegated Autumn) – Silvery gray leaves, white to pale pink flowers.

Succulent Care in Zone 6

Plant succulents in sheltered areas if winters tend to be rainy. Stop watering and fertilizing succulents in autumn. Don’t remove snow; it provides insulation for the roots when temperatures drop. Otherwise, succulents generally require no protection.

The key to success with zone 6 hardy succulents is to select plants suitable for your climate, then provide them with plenty of sunshine. Well-drained soil is absolutely critical. Although hardy succulents can tolerate cold temperatures, they won’t live long in wet, soggy soil.

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