Zone 6 Hardy Succulents – Selecting Succulent Plants For Zone 6

Succulent Plants With Pink Flowers
zone 6 succulent
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Growing succulents in zone 6? Is that possible? We tend to think of succulents as plants for arid, desert climates, but there are a number of hardy succulents that tolerate chilly winters in zone 6, where temperatures can drop as low as -5 degrees F. (-21 C.). In fact, a few can survive punishing winter climates as far north as zone 3 or 4. Read on to learn about selecting and growing succulents in zone 6.

Succulent Plants for Zone 6

Northern gardeners have no shortage of beautiful succulent plants for zone 6. Here are a few examples of zone 6 hardy succulents: Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’Autumn joy sedum has grayish green leaves and large, pink flowers that turn bronze in fall. Sedum acre – A groundcover sedum plant with bright yellow-green blooms. Delosperma cooperi ‘Trailing Ice Plant’ – A spreading groundcover with reddish purple flowers. Sedum reflexum ‘Angelina’ (Angelina stonecrop)Angelina stonecrop is a groundcover with lime green foliage. Sedum ‘Touchdown Flame’Touchdown flame has lime green and burgundy red foliage with creamy yellow flowers. Delosperma Mesa Verde (Ice Plant)Ice plant has grayish green foliage and pinkish salmon blooms. Sedum ‘Vera Jameson’Vera Jameson has reddish purple leaves and pinkish blooms. Sempervivum spp. (Hens-and-Chicks) – Hens and Chicks are available in a huge variety of colors and textures. Sedum spectabile ‘Meteor’ – Sedum 'meteor' has bluish green foliage and large pink blooms. Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ – Sedum 'purple emperor' has deep purple foliage and long-lasting, purple-pink flowers. Opuntia ‘Compressa’ (Eastern Prickly Pear)Prickly pear have large, succulent, paddle-like pads with showy, bright yellow blooms. Sedum ‘Frosty Morn’ (Stonecrop -Variegated Autumn)Stonecrop, this variety has silvery gray leaves, and white to pale pink flowers.

Succulent Care in Zone 6

Plant succulents in sheltered areas if winters tend to be rainy. Stop watering and fertilizing succulents in autumn. Don’t remove snow; it provides insulation for the roots when temperatures drop. Otherwise, succulents generally require no protection. The key to success with zone 6 hardy succulents is to select plants suitable for your climate, then provide them with plenty of sunshine. Well-drained soil is absolutely critical. Although hardy succulents can tolerate cold temperatures, they won’t live long in wet, soggy soil.

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