Zone 6 Ornamental Grass – Growing Ornamental Grasses In Zone 6 Gardens

Many tufted plumes of Chinese silver grass growing outdoors
(Image credit: Karen Hogan)

Due to their low maintenance and versatility in various conditions, ornamental grasses have become increasingly popular in landscapes. In U.S. hardiness zone 6, hardy ornamental grasses can add winter interest to the garden from their blades and seed heads sticking up through mounds of snow. Continue reading to learn more about choosing ornamental grasses for zone 6.

Ornamental Grasses Hardy to Zone 6

There are hardy ornamental grasses that are suitable for almost every condition in zone 6 landscapes. Two of the most common types of hardy ornamental grass are feather reed grass (Calamagrotis spp.) and maiden grass (Miscanthus spp.).

Commonly grown varieties of feather reed grass in zone 6 are:

Common Miscanthus varieties include:

Choosing ornamental grasses for zone 6 also includes types that are drought tolerant and excellent for xeriscaping. These include:

Rushes and cordgrass grow well in areas with standing water, like alongside ponds. The bright red or yellow blades of Japanese Forest Grass can brighten up a shady location. Other shade tolerant grasses are:

Additional choices for zone 6 landscapes include:

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