Information About Zone 8

Zone 8 Lavender Plants: Is Lavender Hardy To Zone 8

Lavender plants, especially when grouped together, are reminiscent of a quaint, peaceful English countryside. With careful selection, gardeners from zones 4 through 10 can enjoy the charm of these plants. This article will discuss lavender plants for zone 8.

Low Chill Hour Apples – Tips On Growing Zone 8 Apple Trees

Apples are far and away the most popular fruit in America and beyond. Zone 8 is right on the edge of places where apples can conceivably grow. Learn more about growing apples in hot climates and how to select apples for zone 8 in this article.

Zone 8 Succulents: Can You Grow Succulents In Zone 8 Gardens

Zone 8 gardeners are fortunate in that they can grow many of the hardier succulents right outside their door with great success. The key is discovering which succulents are hardy or semi-hardy and then you get to have the fun placing them in your garden. Learn more here.

Zone 8 Nuts: Tips On Growing Nuts In Zone 8 Gardens

The hardest part of growing nuts in zone 8 is selecting among the great zone 8 nut trees available in commerce. Not every nut tree thrives in zone 8, but you’ll find plenty of nuts for zone 8. Here is a rundown on zone 8 nuts with tips on how to grow them.

Zone 8 Hummingbird Plants: Attracting Hummingbirds In Zone 8

By adding zone 8 hummingbird plants, you can lure these adorable little birds into your garden space. A zone 8 hummingbird garden is easy to plan and can be done in a big plot of land or scaled down to a small space. This article will help get you started.

Best Zone 8 Wildflowers – Tips On Wildflower Growing In Zone 8

Wildflower growing in zone 8 is easy due to the relatively mild climate, and the selection of wildflower plants in zone 8 is extensive. For more information about zone 8 wildflowers, simply click on the following article.

Planting Time For Zone 8 Bulbs: When Do I Plant Zone 8 Bulbs

While gardeners in cooler, northern climates may take spring bulbs for granted, in hot, southern climates, gardeners can only enjoy some of them as annuals and container grown plants. Click this article to learn about growing bulbs in zone 8.

Orchids For Zone 8 – Learn About Orchids Hardy In Zone 8

It’s certainly true that many orchids are tropical plants that must be grown indoors in northern climates, but there’s no shortage of cold hardy orchids that can survive chilly winters. Click this article to learn about a few beautiful orchids hardy in zone 8.

Flowering Shrubs For Zone 8 – Choosing Zone 8 Shrubs That Flower

There are plenty of zone 8 flowering shrubs suitable for the area. Natives are a perfect choice since they are well adapted to the unique weather conditions but many exotics can thrive in zone 8 too. Learn more about shrubs for this zone in the following article.

Zone 8 Onions: Information On Growing Onions In Zone 8

Those of us in USDA zone 8 have plenty of zone 8 onion options. If you’re interested in learning about growing onions in zone 8, this article has more information about onions for zone 8 and when to plant onions in this region.

Cold Hardy Banana Trees: Growing A Banana Tree In Zone 8

Palm trees and banana plants aren’t exactly the first thing that pops into a zone 8 gardener’s mind when choosing plants. But is it possible; can you grow bananas in zone 8? Find the answer in this article by clicking here.

Zone 8 Boundary Trees – Choosing Trees For Privacy In Zone 8

Want to add more privacy to your property? Be sure to select trees that are suited to your climate and to the characteristics of your property. This article will give you ideas for zone 8 boundary trees to choose from in planning an effective and attractive privacy screen.

Common Zone 8 Weeds – How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Zone 8

One thing you can always count on: Weeds are hardy plants that thrive in a diverse range of growing conditions – especially mild climates like USDA plant hardiness zone 8. For a list of common zone 8 weeds and how to get rid of weeds in your lawn or garden, click here.

Knock Out Rose Varieties: Can You Grow Knock Out Roses In Zone 8

Easy to care for, superior disease resistance, and abundant blooming make Knock Out® roses popular plants in the garden. With all these good qualities, many gardeners have wondered whether it’s possible to grow Knock Out roses in zone 8. Find out in this article.

Zone 8 Citrus Trees: Tips On Growing Citrus In Zone 8

Semi-hardy citrus would be perfect citrus trees for zone 8. Containers are also excellent options for growing citrus in zone 8. So whether you want sweet fruits or acid-type fruits, there are selections available that can thrive in zone 8. Learn more here.

Zone 8 Avocado Trees – Can You Grow Avocados In Zone 8

Unfortunately for me, I live in USDA zone 8 where we regularly get freezing temperatures. But I love avocados and set out on a quest to find out if you can grow an avocado in zone 8. Find out here in this article.

Zone 8 Vegetable Gardening: When To Plant Vegetables In Zone 8

Gardeners living in zone 8 enjoy hot summers and long growing seasons. Spring and autumn in zone 8 are cool. Growing vegetables in zone 8 is pretty easy if you get those seeds started at the right time. Click here for more information.

Zone 8 Seed Starting: Learn When To Start Seeds In Zone 8

You can buy seedlings from the garden store, but planting seeds in zone 8 is less expensive and more fun. All you need to get started are seeds and a seed starting schedule for zone 8. When to start seeds in zone 8? Click here for tips on zone 8 seed starting.

Zone 8 Invasive Plants: How To Avoid Invasive Plant Species In Your Zone

Click this article for a short list of the many zone 8 invasive plants. Keep in mind, however, that a plant may not be invasive in all zone 8 areas, as USDA hardiness zones are an indication of temperature and have nothing to do with other growing conditions.

Zone 8 Plants – Tips On Growing Plants In Zone 8

USDA Zone 8 covers most of the Pacific Northwest and a great swath of the South, including Texas and Florida. You can learn about plants that grow well in Zone 8 using the information provided in this article.