Information About Zone 8

Zone 8 Ornamentals For Winter – Growing Ornamental Winter Plants In Zone 8

Winter gardens are a lovely sight and especially possible in zone 8, where the average minimum temperatures are between 10 and 20 degrees F. (-6.7 to -12 degrees C.). This article will give you plenty of ideas for your zone 8 ornamental winter garden.

Zone 8 Winter Veggie Garden: Growing Winter Vegetables In Zone 8

United States Department of Agriculture zone 8 is one of the warmer regions of the country. How about cold season vegetables for zone 8? Can you grow vegetables in zone 8 winters? If so, what winter vegetables are suited to grow in zone 8? Find out here.

Zone 8 Flowering Trees: Growing Flowering Trees In Zone 8 Regions

Flowering trees and zone 8 go together like peanut butter and jelly. This warm, mild climate is perfect for so many trees that flower in zone 8. Use them to add spring blooms to your yard, for their gorgeous scents, and to attract pollinators. This article has more info.

Plants For Zone 8 Ground Cover – Choosing Ground Cover Plants In Zone 8

Good ground cover plants have a creeping or prostrate growth. What are good ground cover plants in zone 8? If you are looking for ground covers for zone 8, then click this article for a short list of great suggestions.

Zone 8 Shrubs For Hedges: Choosing Zone 8 Hedge Plants

If you live in zone 8, you may be looking for zone 8 shrubs for hedges. You’ll have quite a few choices. Click this article for tips on growing hedges in zone 8, as well as ideas for zone 8 hedge plants that are suitable for whatever purpose you’re hoping to achieve.

Zone 8 Evergreen Trees – Growing Evergreen Trees In Zone 8 Landscapes

There is an evergreen tree for every growing zone, and 8 is no exception. Zone 8 evergreen varieties are plentiful and provide screening, shade, and a pretty backdrop for any temperate garden. Learn about growing evergreen trees in zone 8 here.

Zone 8 Sun Lovers – Sun Tolerant Plants For Zone 8 Landscapes

Zone 8 plants for full sun include trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. If you live in zone 8 and have a sunny yard, you have hit the gardening jackpot. There are many beautiful plants that will thrive and give you enjoyment for many years. Learn more here.

Zone 8 Ornamental Grasses – Growing Ornamental Grass In Zone 8 Gardens

There are numerous zone 8 ornamental grass varieties from which to choose. The problem will be narrowing down which of these lovely plants will fit in your garden. Use the information found in this article for helpful suggestions.

Zone 8 Shade Vines: What Are Some Shade Tolerant Vines For Zone 8

Vines in the garden serve a lot of useful purposes, such as shading and screening. They grow fast and most flower or even produce fruit. If you don’t have a lot of sun in your garden, you can still enjoy growing vines in the shade. Here you will find some for zone 8.

Growing Evergreen Shrubs In Zone 8 – Choosing Evergreen Shrubs For Zone 8 Gardens

If you live in zone 8 and seek evergreen shrubs for your yard, you are in luck. You’ll find many zone 8 evergreen shrub varieties. Click this article for more information about growing evergreen shrubs in zone 8, including the top evergreen shrubs for this region.

Trees For Zone 8: Learn About The Most Common Zone 8 Trees

Choosing trees for your landscape can be an overwhelming process. Depending upon where you live, some trees simply won’t survive outside. Click this article to learn more about growing trees in zone 8 landscapes and some common zone 8 trees.

Zone 8 Shade Gardening: How To Choose Plants For Zone 8 Shade

Zone 8 shade gardening can be tricky, since plants need at least some sunlight to live and thrive. But, if you know which plants live in your climate and can tolerate only partial sun, you can easily create a beautiful garden. This article will help with suggestions.

Zone 8 Japanese Maples: Hot Weather Japanese Maple Varieties

Many Japanese maples are suitable only for USDA plant hardiness zones 7 or below. Take heart, however, if you’re a zone 8 gardener. There are a quite a few beautiful Japanese maple trees for zone 8 and even 9. Click this article to learn more.

Zone 8 Juniper Plants: Growing Juniper In Zone 8 Gardens

Few plants are so versatile in the landscape as juniper. There are juniper varieties that are hardy in almost every U.S. hardiness zone, but this article will primarily discuss zone 8 juniper care. Click here for additional information.

Zone 8 Kiwi Vines: What Kiwis Grow In Zone 8 Regions

With more vitamin C than oranges, more potassium than bananas, copper, vitamin E, fiber and lute in, kiwi fruits are an excellent plant for health conscious gardens. In zone 8, gardeners can enjoy many different varieties of kiwi vines. Learn more here.

Fruit Trees For Zone 8 – What Fruit Trees Grow In Zone 8

What better way is there to know that the food we’re feeding our family is fresh and safe than to grow it ourselves. The problem with homegrown fruits, however, is that not all fruit trees can grow in all areas. This article specifically discusses what fruit trees grow in zone 8.

Zone 8 Herb Varieties: Learn About Growing Common Zone 8 Herbs

Herbs are such a rewarding addition to the garden. They smell good, they’re often very hardy, and they’re always available when you want to add a sprig to your cooking. Click here to learn more about common zone 8 herbs.

Zone 8 Trees For Dry Soil – What Zone 8 Trees Can Stand Drought

Are you looking for drought tolerant trees for zone 8? Although the drought in your state might currently be officially over, you know you could see another drought in the near future. That makes selecting and planting trees that tolerate drought a great idea. Learn more here.

Zone 8 Groundcover Plants – Growing Evergreen Groundcover In Zone 8

Groundcovers are an essential element in some gardens. Evergreen groundcover plants are especially nice because they keep that life and color year round. Learn more about selecting evergreen creeping plants for zone 8 gardens in this article.

Growing Zone 8 Plants In Dry Gardens – Drought Tolerant Plants For Zone 8

Plants that tolerate drought are available for every plant hardiness zone, and low water plants for zone 8 gardens are no exception. If you’re interested in zone 8 drought-tolerant plants, click here for a few suggestions to get you started on your quest.

Zone 8 Climbing Roses: Learn About Roses That Climb In Zone 8

For almost every color and flower characteristic that you can find in other roses, you can find the same among roses that climb. In zone 8, many climbing rose varieties can be grown successfully. Find recommendations in this article for zone 8 climbing roses.

Zone 8 Deer Resistant Plants – Are There Plants Deer Hate In Zone 8

If you live in zone 8 and would like to prevent your landscape from becoming the favorite restaurant of local deer, use the following information from this article to learn more about deer resistant plants in zone 8.

Zone 8 Raspberries: Tips On Growing Raspberries In Zone 8

Raspberries are a wonderful addition to any garden. If you can have raspberries in your garden, you should. Click this article to learn more about growing raspberries in zone 8 and the best raspberry varieties for zone 8 gardens.

Zone 8 Potato Growing: How To Care For Zone 8 Potatoes

Potatoes are hardy in most USDA zones, but the planting time varies. Potato varieties for zone 8 prefer a cool spring and plenty of moisture. Click the following article to learn more about growing potato plants in zone 8 regions.

Zone 8 Perennial Plants – Growing Perennials In Zone 8 Gardens

Many gardeners have summer flings with annuals, but if you prefer longer relationships with your garden plants, pick perennials. Herbaceous perennials live for three or more seasons. If you are thinking of growing perennials in zone 8, this article will help.

Shade Plants For Zone 8: Growing Shade Tolerant Evergreens In Zone 8 Gardens

Fortunately, mild climate gardeners have several choices when it comes to selecting shady zone 8 evergreens. Click here to learn more about a few zone 8 evergreen shade plants, including conifers, flowering evergreens and shade-tolerant ornamental grasses.

Zone 8 Kale Plants: Choosing Kale For Zone 8 Gardens

Kale is easy to grow and can be grown in several USDA zones. Take zone 8, for instance. What zone 8 kale varieties are there? Click this article to learn how to grow kale in zone 8 and other helpful information regarding kale plants for zone 8.

Zone 8 Tropical Plants: Can You Grow Tropical Plants In Zone 8

Can you grow tropical plants in zone 8? You may have wondered this after a trip to a tropical country or a visit to the tropical section of a botanical garden. Well, the answer may surprise you. Learn more in this article.

Zone 8 Olive Trees: Can Olives Grow In Zone 8 Gardens

Can olives grow in zone 8? It is entirely possible to start growing olives in some parts of zone 8 if you select healthy, hardy olive trees. Click this article for information about zone 8 olive trees and tips for growing olives in zone 8.

Zone 8 Bushes: Choosing Shrubs For Zone 8 Landscapes

Zone 8 shrub varieties are abundant and give you plenty of choices for landscaping, hedges, flowers, and more. It’s a temperate climate with a long growing season and there are many shrubs that thrive here. Find some suggestions for these shrubs in this article.

Zone 8 Hibiscus Plants: Growing Hibiscus In Zone 8 Gardens

Growing hibiscus in zone 8 gives the gardener several forms from which to choose. The relatively mild annual temperatures and the infrequency of extreme cold means many forms of hibiscus can thrive in this region. Learn more in this article.

Zone 8 Grape Varieties: What Grapes Grow In Zone 8 Regions

Live in zone 8 and want to grow grapes? The great news is that there is undoubtedly a type of grape suited for zone 8. What grapes grow in zone 8? Click here to find out about growing grapes in zone 8 and recommended zone 8 grape varieties.

Bamboo Plants For Zone 8 – Tips For Growing Bamboo In Zone 8

With varieties that are hardy all the way down to zone 4 or up to zone 12, growing bamboo in zone 8 provides many possibilities. Click the following article to learn about bamboo plants for zone 8, as well as proper care for zone 8 bamboo.

Zone 8 Annual Flowers: Common Zone 8 Annuals For Gardens

Annuals are great for home gardeners because they provide much of the color and visual interest in beds and along walkways. Annuals for zone 8 include a wide variety, thanks to the warm, long summers and mild winters. Learn more in this article.

Zone 8 Rose Varieties – Growing Roses In Zone 8 Gardens

If you plan to start growing roses in zone 8 gardens, you’ll find plenty of great candidates. More than 6,000 rose cultivars are available in commerce. Click here for information about selecting zone 8 rose varieties for your garden.

Zone 8 Conifer Trees – Growing Conifers In Zone 8 Gardens

Selecting coniferous trees for zone 8 can be difficult – not because there is a shortage, but because there are so many beautiful trees from which to choose. Click this article for information on growing conifers in zone 8 landscapes.

Zone 8 Orange Trees – Tips On Growing Oranges In Zone 8

Growing oranges in zone 8 is possible if you are willing to take precautions. In general, oranges don’t do well in regions with cold winters, so you may have to take care in selecting a cultivar and a planting site. Click here to learn more.

Zone 8 Vertical Gardens: Choosing Climbing Vines For Zone 8

Vertical gardening is a way for people with small yards to make the most of the space they have available. It’s also used to create privacy, shade, and noise and wind buffers. Learn about climbing vines for zone 8 and tips on growing vertical gardens in zone 8 here.

Growing Zone 8 Bulbs – When To Plant Bulbs In Zone 8

Bulbs are a great addition to any garden. Plant them in the fall and forget about them. In the spring, you’ll feel as though you didn’t even have to do any work. Learn more about what bulbs grow in zone 8 gardens so you can choose the best type for your area.

Zone 8 Strawberries: Tips On Growing Strawberries In Zone 8

Strawberries are one of the most popular berries grown in the home garden, possibly because they can be grown in a wide range of USDA zones. The following article discusses tips for growing strawberries in zone 8 and suitable zone 8 strawberry plants.

Hydrangeas For Zone 8: Tips On Choosing The Best Zone 8 Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are popular flowering shrubs with big summer blossoms. Some types of hydrangeas are very cold hardy, but what about zone 8 hydrangeas? Can you grow hydrangeas in zone 8? Click this article for tips on zone 8 hydrangea varieties.

Climbing Zone 8 Plants: Choosing Vines For Zone 8 Landscapes

There are plenty of vines for zone 8 from which to choose, many with specialized adaptability to any lighting condition. Remember, perennial vines are lifetime choices and should be chosen carefully. This article can help get your started.

Hops For Zone 8 Gardens – Can You Grow Hops In Zone 8

Growing a hops plant is an obvious next step for every home brewer - now that you make your own beer, why not grow your own ingredients? Click here to learn more about growing zone 8 hops in your garden and selecting hops varieties for zone 8 conditions.

Zone 8 Blueberries: Choosing Blueberries For Zone 8 Gardens

The period of low temperatures is critical to the next season’s fruiting of blueberries. This can be an issue for zone 8 blueberry growers. Can blueberries grow in zone 8? Some types can, but not all. For information about growing blueberries in zone 8, click this article.

Zone 8 Berry Care – Can You Grow Berries In Zone 8

Berries are a fantastic asset to any garden. If you want a good crop of fruit but don’t want to deal with a whole tree, berries are for you. But can you grow berries in zone 8? Click here to learn more about growing berries in zone 8 and how to select zone 8 berries.

Perennials For Shade: Shade Tolerant Perennials For Zone 8

Selecting perennials for shade is no easy task, but choices are plentiful for gardeners in moderate climates such as USDA plant hardiness zone 8. Click here for a list of zone 8 shade perennials and learn more about growing zone 8 perennials in shade.

Tomatoes For Zone 8: Learn About Zone 8 Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes can be grown in a number of different USDA zones. Take zone 8, for instance. There are plenty of zone 8 suitable tomato varieties. Click this article to find out about growing tomatoes in zone 8 and suitable tomatoes for zone 8.

Zone 8 Lavender Plants: Is Lavender Hardy To Zone 8

Lavender plants, especially when grouped together, are reminiscent of a quaint, peaceful English countryside. With careful selection, gardeners from zones 4 through 10 can enjoy the charm of these plants. This article will discuss lavender plants for zone 8.

Low Chill Hour Apples – Tips On Growing Zone 8 Apple Trees

Apples are far and away the most popular fruit in America and beyond. Zone 8 is right on the edge of places where apples can conceivably grow. Learn more about growing apples in hot climates and how to select apples for zone 8 in this article.

Zone 8 Succulents: Can You Grow Succulents In Zone 8 Gardens

Zone 8 gardeners are fortunate in that they can grow many of the hardier succulents right outside their door with great success. The key is discovering which succulents are hardy or semi-hardy and then you get to have the fun placing them in your garden. Learn more here.

Zone 8 Nuts: Tips On Growing Nuts In Zone 8 Gardens

The hardest part of growing nuts in zone 8 is selecting among the great zone 8 nut trees available in commerce. Not every nut tree thrives in zone 8, but you’ll find plenty of nuts for zone 8. Here is a rundown on zone 8 nuts with tips on how to grow them.

Zone 8 Hummingbird Plants: Attracting Hummingbirds In Zone 8

By adding zone 8 hummingbird plants, you can lure these adorable little birds into your garden space. A zone 8 hummingbird garden is easy to plan and can be done in a big plot of land or scaled down to a small space. This article will help get you started.

Best Zone 8 Wildflowers – Tips On Wildflower Growing In Zone 8

Wildflower growing in zone 8 is easy due to the relatively mild climate, and the selection of wildflower plants in zone 8 is extensive. For more information about zone 8 wildflowers, simply click on the following article.

Planting Time For Zone 8 Bulbs: When Do I Plant Zone 8 Bulbs

While gardeners in cooler, northern climates may take spring bulbs for granted, in hot, southern climates, gardeners can only enjoy some of them as annuals and container grown plants. Click this article to learn about growing bulbs in zone 8.

Orchids For Zone 8 – Learn About Orchids Hardy In Zone 8

It’s certainly true that many orchids are tropical plants that must be grown indoors in northern climates, but there’s no shortage of cold hardy orchids that can survive chilly winters. Click this article to learn about a few beautiful orchids hardy in zone 8.

Flowering Shrubs For Zone 8 – Choosing Zone 8 Shrubs That Flower

There are plenty of zone 8 flowering shrubs suitable for the area. Natives are a perfect choice since they are well adapted to the unique weather conditions but many exotics can thrive in zone 8 too. Learn more about shrubs for this zone in the following article.

Zone 8 Onions: Information On Growing Onions In Zone 8

Those of us in USDA zone 8 have plenty of zone 8 onion options. If you’re interested in learning about growing onions in zone 8, this article has more information about onions for zone 8 and when to plant onions in this region.

Cold Hardy Banana Trees: Growing A Banana Tree In Zone 8

Palm trees and banana plants aren’t exactly the first thing that pops into a zone 8 gardener’s mind when choosing plants. But is it possible; can you grow bananas in zone 8? Find the answer in this article by clicking here.

Zone 8 Boundary Trees – Choosing Trees For Privacy In Zone 8

Want to add more privacy to your property? Be sure to select trees that are suited to your climate and to the characteristics of your property. This article will give you ideas for zone 8 boundary trees to choose from in planning an effective and attractive privacy screen.

Common Zone 8 Weeds – How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Zone 8

One thing you can always count on: Weeds are hardy plants that thrive in a diverse range of growing conditions – especially mild climates like USDA plant hardiness zone 8. For a list of common zone 8 weeds and how to get rid of weeds in your lawn or garden, click here.

Knock Out Rose Varieties: Can You Grow Knock Out Roses In Zone 8

Easy to care for, superior disease resistance, and abundant blooming make Knock Out® roses popular plants in the garden. With all these good qualities, many gardeners have wondered whether it’s possible to grow Knock Out roses in zone 8. Find out in this article.

Zone 8 Citrus Trees: Tips On Growing Citrus In Zone 8

Semi-hardy citrus would be perfect citrus trees for zone 8. Containers are also excellent options for growing citrus in zone 8. So whether you want sweet fruits or acid-type fruits, there are selections available that can thrive in zone 8. Learn more here.

Zone 8 Avocado Trees – Can You Grow Avocados In Zone 8

Unfortunately for me, I live in USDA zone 8 where we regularly get freezing temperatures. But I love avocados and set out on a quest to find out if you can grow an avocado in zone 8. Find out here in this article.

Zone 8 Vegetable Gardening: When To Plant Vegetables In Zone 8

Gardeners living in zone 8 enjoy hot summers and long growing seasons. Spring and autumn in zone 8 are cool. Growing vegetables in zone 8 is pretty easy if you get those seeds started at the right time. Click here for more information.

Zone 8 Seed Starting: Learn When To Start Seeds In Zone 8

You can buy seedlings from the garden store, but planting seeds in zone 8 is less expensive and more fun. All you need to get started are seeds and a seed starting schedule for zone 8. When to start seeds in zone 8? Click here for tips on zone 8 seed starting.

Zone 8 Invasive Plants: How To Avoid Invasive Plant Species In Your Zone

Click this article for a short list of the many zone 8 invasive plants. Keep in mind, however, that a plant may not be invasive in all zone 8 areas, as USDA hardiness zones are an indication of temperature and have nothing to do with other growing conditions.

Zone 8 Plants – Tips On Growing Plants In Zone 8

USDA Zone 8 covers most of the Pacific Northwest and a great swath of the South, including Texas and Florida. You can learn about plants that grow well in Zone 8 using the information provided in this article.