Information About Zone 8

Zone 8 Vegetable Gardening: When To Plant Vegetables In Zone 8

Gardeners living in zone 8 enjoy hot summers and long growing seasons. Spring and autumn in zone 8 are cool. Growing vegetables in zone 8 is pretty easy if you get those seeds started at the right time. Click here for more information.

Zone 8 Seed Starting: Learn When To Start Seeds In Zone 8

You can buy seedlings from the garden store, but planting seeds in zone 8 is less expensive and more fun. All you need to get started are seeds and a seed starting schedule for zone 8. When to start seeds in zone 8? Click here for tips on zone 8 seed starting.

Zone 8 Invasive Plants: How To Avoid Invasive Plant Species In Your Zone

Click this article for a short list of the many zone 8 invasive plants. Keep in mind, however, that a plant may not be invasive in all zone 8 areas, as USDA hardiness zones are an indication of temperature and have nothing to do with other growing conditions.

Zone 8 Plants – Tips On Growing Plants In Zone 8

USDA Zone 8 covers most of the Pacific Northwest and a great swath of the South, including Texas and Florida. You can learn about plants that grow well in Zone 8 using the information provided in this article.